Kenilworth to Balsall Common

Despite many weather forecasts suggesting today would see epic rainfall it’s instead proven to be absolutely gorgeous – and has been the perfect morning to be out and about in the countryside. I’m continually stunned at the wealth of opportunities for exploration that have been (metaphorically speaking) under my nose for years without me once feeling inclined to go … More Kenilworth to Balsall Common

Back on the bike

It’s been a while since me and my torture simulator spent some quality time together – but since all of the muscles associated with walking appeared to be tied in a knot when I woke up this morning I’ve had something of a duvet day. It occurs to me on days like this just how invaluable … More Back on the bike

Feeling lots better

I’m currently revelling in two different kinds of little miracles – the first as old as time and the latter a far more recent thing. Firstly – sleep. Ohmyflippingwordhowmuchbetterdoestheworldlookwhenyou’vehadsomesleep???!!!! It’s fair to say that some (but not all) of my darker moments in the past week can be traced back to the doorstep of an … More Feeling lots better

Sayonara 13 Stone

I had an inkling that things may be on the right track this morning when I put a recently purchased shirt on and could sit down in it without the waist tugging for the very first time.  It’s a really really comfey top – and one that I bought in a sale at Debenhams for … More Sayonara 13 Stone

Large chopper

I hate to say it but this week (and today in particular) I’m struggling a bit.  This afternoon I’m looking around me and I’m feeling a muted sense of anger about almost everything. Feeding this even further is an irritation because I know it’s unreasonable and out of proportion.  Nothing apart from the fact that … More Large chopper

No songs or Northerners

I’m waiting for 5.20. It’s almost 4pm. It’s been almost 4pm for about three or four hours. Or thereabouts.  Maybe that’s just me being impatient. 5.20 is taking its time but it will (probably) arrive eventually. I don’t normally sit around drumming my fingers waiting for things – but I’m excited. When 5.20 finally arrives I’m … More No songs or Northerners

One year on…

So it’s here. It’s actually a whole year since I joined Slimming World. 365 days have passed. It’s currently 8.21am on Saturday 15th April 2017 – and if I’m completely honest I’m a little nervous about what the scales will say today. I’ve focused so much on walking over the last two weeks that weight loss … More One year on…

Pity party

It’s not rained for a while. Not properly anyway, meaning that dirt track walks have suddenly dried out and extra bits of the countryside have become accessible.  I’ve continued my slightly ambitious walking schedule this week and maybe explored a little more than usual as a consequence. When muddy paths aren’t an issue I’m far … More Pity party

Backed up

Whilst in Tesco’s this afternoon I was standing next to a child having a meltdown in the DVD aisle. As I watched her tantrum reach fever pitch her mother deployed the ultimate parent’s line. ‘If you keep crying I’m going to give you something to cry about!!’ she said – clearly at her wits end and about to … More Backed up

New shorts

Another day has passed and i’m another tantalising step closer to normality (if such a thing exists). I stood in a changing room in my local supermarket today wearing a high street brand shirt. Someone has already pointed out to me this evening that my expression in these pictures conveys little of the joy that I was … More New shorts

It’s twenty nine!

‘In all the years I’ve been a diabetic specialist,’ said the practice nurse sitting in front of me ‘I’ve never seen a diabetic patient with HbA1c levels like this. It’s twenty nine!‘ She looked at the screen again and shook her head a little from side to side. ‘When I first saw these results I thought … More It’s twenty nine!

Passing duck

As I’ve been walking over the last few days I’ve seen and said hello to a lot of people. It’s somehow always easier to say this to those that are passing if it’s a sunny day – as weather is a great opener. Just as you can commiserate a truly awful day with a knowing … More Passing duck


Although summer is a still a way off today has definitely had the feel of it – even if it’s the wrong time of year. Everything has seemed well lit, warm and temperate. Everywhere I’ve been today people have been out and about enjoying the sunshine. Furthermore today almost all of them appear to be smiling. Me too. … More Hedgerows

Shadows and blue skies

Someone asked me recently about obesity, compulsive eating behaviours and why some people fail at diets while others succeed.  I’ve been thinking about it a lot ever since – and as regular readers know it’s a topic that’s never far from my mind.  It seems that the prevailing wisom is that ‘diets don’t work‘ and … More Shadows and blue skies

Malvern Knees

In front of me as I start this post is an ice cold pint of Diet Coke and some rather nice looking daffodils. In all honesty I feel like today (more than most days) I really deserve this drink. This morning I was wide awake at 2am. I’m not sure if it was the neighbours … More Malvern Knees

Body Magical

Yesterday definitely felt like summer had landed. The sky was almost a pure blue all day long and it was just warm enough to walk around in a shirt and vest rather than wrapped up trying to keep dry in supercoat (TM) – which I left at home on the coat rack. I did have a secret weapon with … More Body Magical

Health victories

It’s been a good day for non-scale victories. This morning was my pre-testing session at my local surgery before my diabetic appointment in two weeks – and I had unexpectedly lost track of time whilst working on a little project. The surgery is a mile and a half from my house – and when I set … More Health victories


Since I started blogging it’s not unusual for me to suddenly stop and take a photo of where I am – which I never used to do that much. I find myself often writing opening lines of posts in my head as I walk or playing with the construction of a paragraph that I’m thinking … More Photobombed


By the time my friend and I had returned to my house last night I think we were both tired.  We’d walked around 6.5 miles (total) to the local Harvester on the outskirts of town and back. While there we had both hit the salad bar with complete and gleeful impunity – asking for large … More Endangered


It’s been a quite stressful week so far. There will be more to come on that topic in another post as I make sense of it all, but for the time being I’ve been trying really hard to keep my head down and focus as much as possible on moving forward in life. When things … More Crutches

Something new

Note – this is a time delayed post, written earlier in the week on Monday. It’s amazing how much energy stress or worry can produce. I’m not normally prone to it – but when I woke up this morning my heart was pounding. This was prior to getting on my exercise bike where my entire workout was conducted … More Something new