Cleaning and Batfleck

While its absolutely great coming to terms with loads of heavy stuff in life and embracing change, its also nice to have a couple of days where you just begin to remember what the world is like when its uncomplicated and filled with family and friends.

After some spring cleaning my house is now a nice place to be once more, and the pile of things to go through related to mom is now greatly diminished.

Although one part of the house has taken the brunt of this. At some point I’m going to have to return my dining room to a place that can be used and not just a staging ground for my laundry and things that really should be in a tool shed.

At the moment its door is a shame filter and is firmly closed.

Otherwise though I can now happily repel any boarders safe in the knowledge that when they eventually leave in the morning their brief stay will have been a pleasant one.

All rooms are dusted, hoovered, washed, aired and cobweb free.

Its annoying when you realise that you’ve let this slip a bit because it underlines periods where you’ve not been coping too well, or other events have taken over your normal routine. Now however, it’s a new start in more ways than one, so its good to start as I mean to go on.

The garden is next on the list – but thanks to the weather it’s not going to happen for a little while. It’s like a marsh at the moment. Secretly this makes me happy. Lawn mowers suck ass. Still – my grass needs a haircut, and I can’t put it off much longer.

Thankfully this wasn’t an issue for Friday games night where the guys came round, filled up the living room, consumed wine, beer, takeaways and junk food. Grass was way down the list of priorities while we spent almost 12 hours hanging out on various consoles playing games the way god intended – on the sofa having a good laugh together.

The good thing about this is that you can put your feet up and natter while doing something pointless and fun to just chill out. Movie nights are good, but they don’t give you the same opportunity to just bounce off each other and talk nonsense while shooting stuff.

Its also nice at the end of the night to see a kitchen full of wine bottles and beer cans that have absolutely nothing to do with me and to wake up the morning after with a completely clear head (unlike some of my mates lol).

This was just as well as the weather was ‘inclement’ on Saturday.

When I say that I mean it was absolutely slashing it down monsoon style and I got an epic ‘bucket of water over my head’ style soaking after left the cinema with Pete and Yuni yesterday.

I think I’ve been drier after jumping in swimming pools…

The film was good though – Batman vs Superman (Dawn of Justice). It was lengthy, well made and very watchable.

However, I must take a moment to have a (spoiler free) nerd rant.

  1. Batman is not a killer (its kind of his thing to not be shooty and stabby) yet his body count is pretty epic. He also brands bad guys with the bat symbol. Not cool Batman. Not cool.
  2. Superman would also make every possible effort to save civilian casualties and limit collateral damage – however he seems to quite happily smash up Metropolis at every available opportunity. Take it outside next time Superman! 
  3. Lex Luthor is not a twitching sociopath in hipster jeans that looks like a 12 year old with ants in his trousers. Worst. Casting. Ever.
  4. Batfleck wasn’t as bad as I expected. He’s still a dick though. Christian Bale still has it.


(credit to curseoftheradio)

Otherwise its highly recommended for the average cinema goer. I suspect Brumrah (you know who you are) will have a similar geek rage when he sees it however.

So that was my (nice) start to the easter weekend.

In some other pretty amazing news my friend’s lovely little daughter turned six today, meaning I absolutely have to start coming to terms with the fact that she’s had a baby (two in fact).

Time just flies – where does it go?!!

Happy Easter internet!



5 thoughts on “Cleaning and Batfleck

  1. I was laughing my butt off when I came to this bit…”Lawn mowers suck ass. Still – my grass needs a haircut, and I can’t put it off much longer.” Reading that made me think “get out of my head Davey!” LOL, I really liked this post and could almost see you doing the spring cleaning maybe with some music on to keep the momentum going? Plus, who doesn’t have a disaster area like your dining room? Seriously, we all have an area in our house that collects stuff like a magnet simply because it is easier to just drop it there than to take the extra steps to put it away where it belongs. =)

    Liked by 1 person

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