Nerd approval

Let’s get the elephant in the room out of the way (no self deprecating pun intended). I lost weight.


2.5lbs according to the Slimming World scales.

This means that I’ve lost 8lbs in total – so I’m on my way to my first stone and have passed the half way mark.

Honestly I’m trying not to think about it though – as my negative voices have tried to get hold of this clear victory over gravity a few times today and drag it back down with the usual ‘you could have done better’ nonsense. I’m doing everything I can to see this as a plus – but old habits die hard. The voices are still there.

I did what I promised myself I would though. I stayed after the weigh in to attend group and made the most of the whole experience, asking questions, trying to learn, and sharing where I could. I genuinely felt good at the end – and it really helps to be part of something with other people either on the same path or who have been there before.

The little red chair seems a little less under pressure too which is nice. I can never foresee a day where I come to like the hateful little things, but I refuse to let them be a barrier to participation.

This week’s challenge is planning ahead – and to this end we got a meal planner to make up for the next 7 days and fill with whatever we wanted.

I kind of wish that I hadn’t bought my entire week’s shopping yesterday as this limits the variety I’m capable of – but I’ll see what I can do!

I’m also considering buying a slow cooker, as people keep on and on about how great it is to come home to pulled pork, pulled chicken, pulled beef, pulled this, pulled that etc etc.

People at work have mentioned them too – and while I worry about the idea of leaving something cooking while I’m not around to supervise it the idea of having a piping hot somethingorother waiting for me when I get home really does appeal.

After the meeting it was over to meet Pete and Yuni for coffee.

Maybe it’s too much (twitch), but during group I’d had 2x Nespresso Lungo’s I’d taken in my (twitch) flask. Then, upon arriving at Starbucks (and still wanting more caffeine) I opted for a large filter coffee and then followed it 45 mins later with a medium (twitch) one. All of this within the space of three hours (twitch).

I haven’t got a problem (sniff). I can give up coffee (sniff) any time I want. It doesn’t control me (sniff.)

Starbucks was strangely quiet today considering it was a Bank Holiday weekend and a Saturday. Usually at such a time (12.30) it would be under siege from legions of shoppers and screaming kids, but not so when we arrived, and for the duration of our time there – which was nice, because we got the opportunity to catch up.

My sister in law, who loves taking photos of everything was at pains to take candid shots of both me and my brother while we talked until we retaliated and starting taking photos back. Consequently I have quite a few nice shots of her with some good light. This showed off her new eye catching dip dyed blue and pink hair, which I have to say looks pretty funky 🙂

After catching up we headed off to the cinema to see Captain America – Civil War.

If you’re sitting on the fence about whether to go and see it then I think you better hop right off and buy a ticket, as its pretty freakin awesome, and definitely scratched my twin superhero/action film itches.

Most reviews have it pegged as the best Marvel movie yet. With the possible exception of Guardians of the Galaxy I’d have to say I agree. I imagine even Brumrah can watch this movie without a hint of geek rage. It’s THAT good! It comes with my seal of nerd approval!

Its also go TWO hidden endings – so stay until the credits have rolled. Its definitely worth it!

Anyway – fun and frolics aside, now I’m at home and I’m hungry. I am also sadly undecided what to eat, so I’m writing instead while my tummy rumbles.

I have to go to Cardiff tomorrow and I think its a good idea to take with me something that will keep me on plan and fill me up. Since I already have loads of food in the fridge I’m going to cook with a view to taking some with me – but as yet I have not made up my mind what that’s going to be.

Pasta? Noodles? Curry? Stew? I can’t decide!!!!!

In other news (whilst I procrastinate further) a friend this morning headed off on a voyage of discovery, and I’m genuinely hoping that she finds what she’s looking for while she’s on it.

I think that she’s way braver than I am, and a bit of an inspiration if I’m honest. Who knows – in the near future when I feel more agile I might take time out to do something just like it and challenge myself the same way she has.

I’m hoping that there will be plenty of photos to track what she gets up to and wish her all the very best 🙂

You go girl – have fun!

Anyway – I suppose I must cook (sulky face). See you all later.

All you have to do is decide on who you support. Iron Man or Cap? I know who my money is on…


4 thoughts on “Nerd approval

  1. You’re awesome Dave, you have been an inspiration to me as well and I can see you have come such a long long way in the last few months. I am very proud of you, keep going the way you are and you’ll achieve all you goals! Lots of hugs (from inside a Cambodian bus)

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