Speed bump

Well it seems that self improvement is not always a smooth road, and after a week of following the Slimming World plan, not deviating from the foods I’m supposed to eat and actually exercising on top of it I have apparently put a pound and a half on.


If I was in any way expecting this I would probably be in a reflective frame of mind – but at this very moment I just feel pissed off and cheated.

I transferred the food diary that I update daily on my phone to the Slimming world planner this morning – and on paper it looked like a great week – certainly no different to the previous ones.

If anything apart from last Saturday when I had 3 wholemeal pittas as part of my lunch I’m positive I’ve had less than the previous week, which contained a beef rendang full of coconut milk and syns.

I’ve also not opened the loaf I bought a week ago. Zero bread – all week!

Bizarrely my clothes feel looser and I feel more lively. It just doesn’t make sense and I’m annoyed.

Despite what I said about staying to the group I just walked out immediately after stepping off the scales. I didn’t want a pep talk – I just wanted to grind my teeth. I know that this is not what I planned to do in instances like this and I feel like I shouldn’t have left the hall – but it’s what I did.

I didn’t exit stage left to go and stuff my face though. Far from it. I want to understand what’s happened here and fix it. Today I will be doubling down on my plan. This f***ing thing is not going to drag me down or beat me.

I can’t get over how angry I am though. I’m almost growling.

So is my stomach as it happens, reminding me that I have not eaten the breakfast I prepared earlier this morning – intended as a pleasant pat on the back upon my triumphant return.

As it happens I currently have zero appetite so it can wait.

I need to do something to take my mind off it and calm down. I’ll eat later. For the time being I’m just furious and that’s enough to sustain me.


6 thoughts on “Speed bump

  1. Can maths provide some succour here for once? If you assume (as we must, surely) that these measuring devices are accurate to, say, 5% then you could argue that you (to all intents and purposes) have actually stayed the same two weeks running. That’s no bad thing. A great week last week is bound to up the expectation levels but staying the same as your body adjusts to this new regime would be a big positive I’d hope and a good sign. IANAE but I’m still proud of you mate, the big wins are still to come, but they may take small steps as you know 😉

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