Good riddance

Everywhere I look today I’m thinking about Game of Thrones (no spoilers to be found here). On Friday I watched all of season 6 ready for the final episode (number 10) on Monday at 2am. 

It was way better than sitting and watching the stock market collapse and the pound fall to an all time low after Brexit. 

Real life Game of Thrones sucks. 

Fantasy GOT was the usual endless orgy of elves, betrayal, murder, political intrigue, dragons, boobs, giants, lesbians, more boobs, assassins, some willys and a bit of incest for good measure. 

It’s thoroughly compelling and impossible to take your eyes away from the TV once you start. I did nine hours in one sitting and all the way through I was texting people with sentences that began ‘OMG I CAN’T BELIEVE…. Etc etc’

I think what I like so much about it is the sheer shamelessness of the characters in following their motivations and desires. 

The fact that they do whatever they fancy isn’t always a good thing – especially when it so often involves torture and violence. 

What interests me is that there’s almost no one in the show that isn’t being exactly who they want, when they want, wherever they want both sexually and morally. 

It’s quite refreshing – and because of this you can never quite tell who will kill who or who they will shag on the way to murdering whoever is in their way. 

Not that I’m advocating any such behaviour in real life – but it makes for excellent escapism on TV!

Despite the lack of drunken dwarves and naked queens in my immediate vicinity it’s still a very good day. Unusually for me I made a promise to myself this week and stuck to it. 

This was that I’d ONLY eat speed food for two days and see what happened.

In the end I tried to do three – but started seriously craving some protein on the third day (my appetite REALLY kicked in). 

Friday consequently became what Slimming World refers to as an ‘SP’ day, although I did additionally ‘syn’ some feta in my salad at lunchtime. 

The food I ate was nice. Really nice. I didn’t skimp on quality or quantity and enjoyed all of it. 

Here’s a sample of the last three days. 

Quorn stir fry with courgette, broccoli, onion, mushroom and garlic. Worcester and soy sauce for flavour.

Beetroot salad with red rocket lettuce, orange pepper, cherry tomatoes and 6 syns of feta cheese. Cider vinegar dressing. 

Slow cooker vegetable stew – carton of chopped tomatoes, chicken stock cube, mushrooms, swede, courgette and carrot.

Baby sweetcorn, bean sprouts, mushroom, pepper, courgette, cabbage and red onion stir fry. Dressing is Worcester sauce, soy sauce and Tabasco sauce. 

As you can see it’s all hearty comfort food and what’s more very filling. For the most part I felt full afterwards, and where I didn’t on the first two days cherry tomatoes came to my rescue. 

Yay for cherry tomatoes! They died in great numbers so I could live!

So – what happened after all this gastronomic austerity ? 

Well this morning I stepped on the scales at Slimming World and this happened. 

I lost 5.5lbs!

To be clear – I’m not expecting this every week – but boy it feels good and kicks the disappointing 1lb loss from last Saturday in the man globes.  

Now the back of my SW book is running out of space for stickers. Although I probably shouldn’t covet these silly little stickers it’s really nice to get one and add it to the collection!

The next weigh in will probably be a pound loss again though. I don’t think that 5lb a week is sensible or sustainable. 

We’ll see. Unlike this week I’m in the office Monday to Friday next week. At the moment that is a major trigger for eating. 

As I type it’s absolutely slashing it down outside, and that suits me just fine. I can’t burn my arms when it’s like this and I have a valid reason for sitting in a nice warm place drinking coffee, which I’m currently engaged in. 

I probably shouldn’t be. I think I may have already passed my acceptable caffeine threshold for the day. 

Two shots of nespresso, three cups of coffee after lunch with friends at the Harvester and now I’m on my 2nd flask of filter coffee in Starbucks. 

But who cares. Not me. It’s raining outside, it’s lovely and overcast. It’s warm in here and I’m both happy and comfortable. 

I’m also two stone and six pounds lighter. 

That’s 15.422 bags of sugar for those of you who work in kilograms. 

I don’t miss them. They were a pain in the arse (and back). Good riddance to bad rubbish. 

Hope you too are having a good Saturday Internet. 

I thought I saw you in Sainsburys earlier. You didn’t wave back. It must have been another global communications network that looks similar. I hate it when that happens. 


10 thoughts on “Good riddance

  1. Well damn! O.o That’s AMAZING! Good for you :D. And it sure looks like you had some really delicious meals! Are you going to keep up the 2 speedfood days a week? I’m actually considering swapping out bread for a salad twice a week, but salads don’t really fill me up for long. Any lunch ideas? ๐Ÿ˜€

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  2. Awesome! Congratulations!!! The pictures look delicious too! I have a question; for the beetroot salad, is the beet raw or cooked? There many veggies I am new to, and have only recently begun experimenting with beets. How did you prepare them for the salad?

    Liked by 1 person

    • The beetroot is cooked, although as a root vegetable you can actually have it either way – it’s just more crunchy without cooking.

      If you don’t cook it I reccommend grating it into your salad and using a nice vinegar with it like white wine.

      If you do cook it then just peel it and chop it. It’s quite sweet when cooked. Again personally I LOVE this with vinegar.

      Beetroot also works insanely well with cheese. Feta is very mild but you could also go for a nice flavoursome salad with stronger mature cheese or a small amount of Stilton (blue vein).

      Let me know how you get on ๐Ÿ™‚


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