Appetite disturbed

As is typical when it comes to the best laid plans of mice and men the only thing that can be considered a certainty in life is uncertainty.

I started Monday as I planned to go on for the week – positive and on plan, with a indomitable certainty that my mood would conquer all, which it did – until early evening when I began to feel unusually hungry.

I managed to annihilate an entire box of Slimming World Hi-Fi bars, nailing 18 syns in one sitting. Then immediately after I had a baked potato and some stir fry with two salmon steaks. Everything tasted unusual though. Not only was my appetite randomly out of control, but everything I was eating had a coppery tang to it.

Then I started to feel queasy. The fish was new – it couldn’t be out of date… Was it the types of food? Mixing hi-fi bars with a main meal maybe? Then my headache started, followed by shoulder aches and a scratchy throat.

Finally to complete the picture my nose started running. I realised that man flu had arrived.

So now – for the second night in a row I’m sitting upright because I can’t breathe properly lying down and I’m feeling grumpy.

On the positive side for the start of today my appetite has swung in the opposite direction to last night, and I’ve not felt particularly hungry. Maybe this will redress the ridiculousness of Monday’s out of character need to binge on something sweet.

As I can’t sleep tonight to pass the time I decided I would finally try to make the little mini quiches / egg nests that Angie brought to the food tasting session a few weeks ago. I absolutely loved them – and was reminded about them a couple of days ago while watching the Eh Bee Family make something similar on YouTube.

It just so happened I had all the ingredients in the fridge – all I needed on top of that was Lemsip and coffee.

Although Angie used leek in hers (and the Eh Bee’s used spinach) I decided to go with what I had to hand. Since there was half a courgette and half a large onion already waiting to be used up in the fridge these would have to be part of it.

Ingredients for my 12 Egg Nests:

  • 1 /2 tub Sainsbury’s Quark (Free) (I used approx half of a 250g tub)
  • Large Eggs x 8 (Free)
  • square sandwich ham (Free) (12 slices needed)
  • Half a large onion (Speed)
  • Half a large courgette (Speed)
  • 5 chestnut mushrooms (Speed)
  • 2 x cloves of garlic (Speed)
  • 4 x Sainsbury’s BGTY Bacon Medallions (Free)
  • 12 x muffin tray (although Angie used silicon ones I decided that this was less faff with washing up!)

Firstly, chop the onion, the courgette, the mushrooms, the garlic and the bacon finely. Then put it into a hot pan coated with spray oil and slowly fry this mix until the bacon is cooked and the onion is beginning to caramelise. Be careful not to burn the garlic – its usually a good idea to put this in last.

Make sure you stir this every few minutes.

While this is on the hob grease the muffin tray with more fry light and put a square of ham in each of the 12 holes.

Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 01.58.21

Next crack 8 eggs into a mixing jug (I used a plastic measuring jug with a spout – it makes filling the nests a lot easier) and add half of the quark to them. Whisk until it’s a constant light yellow colour and then pour it into the ham nests.

Roughly speaking you should have all of the 12 nests about 3/4 full by now, leaving a little room for the filling, which should now be cooked.

Pre-heat the oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit / 204 degrees Centigrade / Gas Mark 6 (depending on where you live or what you use) or if you’re like me and someone scrubbed all the numbers off your dials then just guess and keep peeking every five minutes.

Now you can spoon the filling into the nests individually (the ingredients above roughly gave about two teaspoon’s worth per serving) and pat them down before popping the tray into the oven.

Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 01.55.00

After about 20 minutes your nests should look a bit like this. Leave them to stand for 5-10 mins and they will be easily lifted out of the tray and sliced open.

Although my taste buds are wrecked and my nose is blocked these tasted REALLY nice.

From a Slimming world perspective I had mine with a load of cherry tomatoes to keep the ‘speed’ ratio up for the meal – but there isn’t a Syn in sight here – so you can go right ahead and enjoy yourself.

This was a top recipe from Angie – so kudos goes to her for the inspiration! I have a tupperware box full of these in the fridge for tomorrow, and I think I’ll do them again in the future so I can take a few to work occasionally.

They’re PRETTY FILLING as well!!

Anyway internet. Its now 3am, and I’m still awake talking to you. I need another Lemsip.

I’m going to try and sleep in my armchair downstairs and hope that my head stops pounding and my nose stops running long enough to nod off.

Have fun cooking – and I hope you feel better than I do!


11 thoughts on “Appetite disturbed

    • The man flu is like weaponised ebola lol!

      I await the mortician and funeral entourage. It’s gonna be any day now!

      Or, y’know I’m blowing it all out of proportion and I’ll recover and live a long life (sniff, cough, splutter).

      Could go either way.

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  1. I’m reading this much later and am happy you’re feeling better! I had to look up “quark” as I am not familiar with the term. The first thing that pops up “subatomic particle”… I chuckled and thought, I’m sure he’s not adding THAT into the quiche.. hehe. Now, I know it’s similar to cottage cheese (thanks to Wikipedia).

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hahaha – Thanks 😀

      I have to say I had to look it up too. Everyone at slimming world was talking about quark and I thought I was going deaf 😀

      Cottage cheese would probably work just as well if you mashed it up – its basically the same thing from what I understand.

      P.S. Quark (unlike cottage cheese) tastes lake crap on its own – so I wouldn’t go thinking you discovered something new and wonderful to have on your toast lol

      Liked by 1 person

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