Today is the day I need to take my own advice – and to direct some of the care I show to others back at myself. 

First things first. Today the scales said I put half a pound on. It’s nothing in the great scheme of things thankfully – but it’s slowed my road map for weight loss down a bit. 

However – my journey is NOT a race and I need to remind myself of that at all times. 

I must not set myself unrealistic goals. 

I’ve set myself a target of four pounds for next week to redress the balance and I’m pretty confident I’m in the right head space to achieve it. 


1. Because I’m not beating myself up. I’ve already lost way more than I originally expected to in 3 months. 

2. I know what I did wrong. I ate too much whilst snacking at work. On several days I reckon I had the equivalent of a fourth meal. 

3. I didn’t drink enough water. 

4. I didn’t do enough exercise. 

5. I didn’t have enough speed with my free snacks to make me feel full. 

6. I know I’ve managed to produce bigger number two’s than this in the morning, so I’m only a firey vegetable curry away from this gain being history. 

So – it’s not rocket science. It’s a combination of dehydrated comfort eating and laziness – plain and simple.

The remedy? Do all of the things that are good for me that I didn’t do last week and stop doing all the bad things that I did do instead. 


Watch this space and we’ll see how the best laid plans of mice and this man work out next Saturday. 

In other news I finished scanning most of the photos I had to return to my Aunt and Uncle last night (by about 3am – I’m knackered) and finally reunited a family album that they thought was lost with what I consider are the rightful owners. 

I know what it’s like when someone holds your past hostage and it’s not nice. 

My mom (for reasons of her own) hid/stole/kept all of the photos and birth certificates related to me – or indeed ANYTHING from my birth to mid teens for years. Until she died recently I had no mementos of my childhood. 

She had – through a startling act of brazen theft after her mother passed away – done the same to her own siblings. 

Oddly some items of immensely sentimental value to others in her family were taken without discussion, locked in suitcases with no keys and then hidden.

 When going through her belongings I had to physically chisel these open to find out what was contained within. 

I concluded that normal people don’t keep canteens of stolen cutlery in locked suitcases, but sadly that’s who my mother was. 

Scanning the photo album and giving it back was a nice moment and the expression on my uncle’s face spoke volumes as he looked at photos of himself and his surviving sister that he hadn’t seen for 30 years or more. 

It turned out he had only one photo of her as a child and in this album she (as well as himself and his wife when they first met) had a big presence. 

We’d met up at a nice Beefeater pub that’s equidistant between our homes, and as we chatted about the past, the photos and what else was happening in our lives we munched on our dinners. 

It’s a rare occasion for me to not see someone for a while and report a weight loss instead of a gain and I was immensely proud to say I’d lost almost 3 stone when they asked how I was doing. 

Next week I want it to be more so while my uncle and aunt went for chips and racks of ribs I chose one of the ‘lo’ options from the menu – all of which were 500 calories or less. 

In this case it was a chicken and avacado salad. 

I haven’t had any avacado for a while and although I know it annoyingly has a syn value in slimming world terms (9.5 per 100g) it’s incredibly good for me and since I’m not intending any other syns today it’s a great choice. I left the pub following a lovely after dinner (black) coffee feeling good.

I’ll be completely honest. I didn’t expect to feel this way today. 

As I now sit in Dave’s happy place (regular readers and keen observers will know where this is) writing this post and contemplating life I’m thinking about why I feel happy instead of sad or annoyed. 

Copying the photos last night was hard going – and I didn’t enjoy looking at or editing them. I went to bed tired and woke up feeling the same after unpleasant dreams of the past. I also ‘failed’ to loose any weight this week. 

Most annoyingly I didn’t get my certificate. 

But you know what? Tomorrow is another day and shit happens. I’ll loose this and more over the next seven days and it won’t matter in a week when I step on the scales and crush my 4lb goal. 

I also made two good people happy today and simultaneously helped to heal a wound in the family that has been there for years. 

Internet – today was a good day, by any measurement.


4 thoughts on “Repatriation 

  1. I am happy to read that you are not beating yourself up over the small gain. Honestly, it’s a process with ups and downs. No one does this perfectly, and that is alright. 🙂 Just being able to get back to the good habits right away shows that you are on the right track. Good luck for the coming week. You can do this! 😀

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