It appears that little Pokemon are loose in the park. Or at least I assume that’s what’s causing nerds to be wandering about waving their phones in front of them like metal detectors in sweeping motions.

I’m not sure I get the fascination with the little pocket monsters…

One pasty faced guy with dyed bright green hair appeared to be taking his first tentative steps outside for quite a long time – and as he shuffled past me, lost in zombified augmented reality I was mildly surprised he wasn’t still wearing his dressing gown.

The Joker look-a-like hasn’t been on his own today though. He’s the second one I’ve noticed that’s ‘Gotta catch em all’ this morning – but hey, if it works for them then who cares?

If Pokemon Go gets people out of the house then that’s just great! I’ve already noticed one blogger I follow using it as an excuse to get out more – so it’s got to be better than sitting on the sofa doing nothing.

I do think it’s a bit of a shame they aren’t looking around them this morning though as the early morning mist in the park when I first arrived made everything look mysterious and interesting. They’re missing out on what’s to offer right in front of their noses.

I’m a bit more of a slow mover today. Yesterday’s two laps didn’t come without a small price and I’ve noticed that my butt cheeks tightened up faster than a camel’s sphincter in a sandstorm today.

I’ve also apparently entered blister territory and have one on the pad of my right foot and one on the little toe of my left foot. They’re uncomfortable – but not deal breakers. As I write I’m half way around my second lap of the park sitting by the river under my favourite tree watching a tractor mowing the grass on the opposite bank.

On a weekday morning the tone of the place is very different – and even the ducks seem more relaxed.

The little wooded grove nearby is not peppered with shafts of sunlight today, but on my first circuit it’s earthy shaded womb made me stop again and just draw in the shades of colour and textures of the roots on the ground.


Standing here by the river under a large tree was completely serene. I closed my eyes and just existed there for a moment, feeling the breeze hit the perspiration around the back my neck and absorbing the scent of freshly cut grass that the gust of wind carried along with it. Apart from the sound of the leaves and the river it was totally and completely quiet.


Where I’m sitting now though is a bit more reflectve. I’ve been typing for about 15 minutes and although I was aware of my surroundings I hadn’t looked straight up until I took a swig from my omnipresent flask of coffee.

In the tree above me, hidden from view by the languid canopy of drooping leaves were several balloons.

Initially I thought they had been trapped after being lost by a child, but then realised that they were tethered to the tree – and on the floor by the trunk behind me were two small bunches of flowers. More were more resting further up the column in the nest of branches at the top.

I didn’t see them yesterday morning, which means that yesterday afternoon someone (maybe a family judging by the number of flowers) celebrated the birthday of a lost loved one. The person that passed away clearly liked this bench just as much as me, and I’m convinced it has the best aspect of any in the park.

It suddenly became quite a beautiful thing to just sit there and watch them bob about in the breeze – and made me feel quite reflective.

We all touch people’s lives in the most surprising ways – and these little tokens of a love lost that waved in the breeze were poignant reminders of the brief time we’re all here, and the legacy we leave behind.

Will we be missed?

I started my walk thinking about my butt and how it ached. By the middle of my stroll I was grumbling about blisters and fascinated by the roots of trees.

By the end I was considering my place in the world and I left the park with a smile – thinking that if I’m going to be on the earth for a relatively short period of time I should continue to take the time to enjoy it by constantly getting out more and saying hello and smiling to as many people as I can.

Pretty much all we can do internet is try to improve ourselves and leave the world a happier place than when we found it.


15 thoughts on “Balloons

  1. The balloons and flowers are such a lovely guesture. It really moved me reading about them.
    I love the way you describe the park. It seems like a beautiful place. It makes me want to have a park near me as well, so I may wander around it.
    What I like about the Pokémon game is that your phone will vibrate when you are near a Pokémon so you don’t actually have to look at your phone all the time and are still able to look around you. So far it has helped me to get my fiancé out of the house more; we went for an evening walk twice (it’s a bloody miracle!). 😉 So yeah the game does work for some. But I also understand that it’s not for everyone. Hey, if you have a really beautiful park, what do you need Pokémon for, right? ;).

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  2. In reading the blog, it makes me want to go to the park down the street from me, and get exercise while watching the Pokemon catchers. Then, in reading the comments, I want to replay the most recent Uncharted game! lol. I’m also a fan of Uncharted & all Tomb Raiders, Sims (all of them, currently addicted to 3), and PS call of duty MW3 gaming! I’ve heard wonderful things about Destiny since my nephew plays.

    In the article, I felt like I was taking the trip through the park with you. It was really neat. I like reading the ‘along the way’ entries! I also think it was really sweet of them to leave the balloons. It definitely makes us ponder the time we have now and how we use it.

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    • It sure does – and tanks for taking the time to comment!

      One thing I really love about my local park is the time to reflect that it gives me while walking around it.

      Initially it was all about the physical challenge of actually walking the distance. Now that’s becoming easier I can appreciate what’s around me – which is quite a lot when I go outside and take the time to look 🙂

      And Uncharted 4 is a masterpiece! However Destiny is digital crack cocaine. Play it at your peril lol x

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