Espionage in the park

Pokemon hunters didn’t appear in great numbers today but they were definitely out and about this morning.

A young blonde girl in denim shorts seemed to be the only person walking slower than me around the park – and her patient black Labrador (with a super cute patterned blue neckerchief) seemed confused but content to follow her as she criss-crossed the path in front of me, meandered into bushes, then out onto the common and back, all the time looking at her phone and occasionally tapping the screen.

I’m amazed at what a craze this has become in a short space of time – and almost tempted to have a go, but I really detest jumping on bandwagons.

Besides I really wasn’t in the mood by the time I got to the park.

When I woke up today I honestly felt like I’d been mugged. Some unfamiliar assailant yesterday had bullied me with excessive warmth, blue sky and sunshine. This determined criminal also eventually stole most of my sleep and left me feeling very shortchanged. I was lethargic, awoke with tired eyes and most annoyingly an aching back that hurts when I turn to the right.

Yesterday it was just too hot to go for a walk and I felt annoyed with myself that I didn’t get any exercise. Because of this I’d decided yesterday to get up REALLY early today and avoid the sun.

Well it turns out that ‘really early’ when I can’t sleep anyway means sitting bolt upright at 2.25am saying ‘**** this for a game of soldiers!’ and deciding to go to the park rather than slowly boil on my mattress.

I got out of bed, opened the curtains, saw the total darkness, realised this was way too early, and concluded that that everyone would probably think I was a sexual predator if they met me in the dead of night panting and sweating on a bench.

I decided it was not the right moment to venture out. Maybe in a couple of hours…

A couple more hours translated into more tossing and turning until 6am (the perfect time to get up) when I immediately fell soundly asleep until 7.45am. By this time the sun was already out and my room was heating up even more.

So – I jumped in the shower, covered myself in suntan lotion, popped on a patterned shirt that would hide my embarrasment if I started drowning in sweat and headed out.

Apart from the Pokemon zombies it was quiet today – but very very hot. Thankfully there was a lot of shade on the way and a nice breeze which was good.


I’ve noticed that I meet the same people a lot lately. The energetic power walking ladies in pink were burning round their circuit again today and jovially saying hi every time we passed.

I joked that we had met each other so often this week that we should probably take up playing correspondence chess and make one move every time we passed – but I think they’re more interested in dumbbells and wearing out the soles of their trainers.

Good on them.

Silent elderly Chinese lady with neat hair from a few blogs ago has also passed me lots of times at a furious pace this week. Today she was on her way out of the park as I entered.

She doesn’t acknowledge my greetings and this morning I’m sure she looked at me with mild suspicion when I smiled at her yet again. I am beginning to wonder if she’s a spy, sent by a foreign power to determine the offensive military capabilities of our communal nature retreats.

Or maybe she just likes to walk fast and listen to the radio rather than chat.

Impossible. I’m clearly irresistible. She must be a spy.

I will continue to smile at her every time we pass in an effort to engage her in dialogue and gather more intel on her dastardly plot.

When I’d made my two revolutions and said my final goodbye to the energetic ladies as they passed (they said they would see me tomorrow) I made my way back to my car, and its blissful air conditioning.

My final ‘hello’ on the way was with an older chap that I often see with a little sausage dog. It walks behind him carrying its lead neatly folded between its teeth. This cheerful little Dachshund is apparently 15 this year and the two have reportedly been constant companions. If there was ever a poster dog for ‘the perfect pet’ this diminutive pooch may just be the one to go on the advertisements! I really like him ๐Ÿ™‚

Today I have some online training to do – so I headed back home thinking I’d relax for an hour and a half until my shopping arrived and then get started on it. I walked through the front door, kicked off my boots and immediately sat in front of the large fan in my living room with it on full blast.

Utter utter bliss.

Now normally this is where I would remain. It’s highly likely I’d have fallen asleep there for a quick nap before starting my training.

Not today though. Fitter Dave had noticed on the way to the park that his evil and scheming next door neighbour had once again mowed the front lawn yesterday evening. This was CLEARLY an attempt to highlight the longer grass on my side. The cad.

Mine was now a distressing 2 inches higher than his. With daisies on it.

I stared at the wall. It wouldn’t do. It just wouldn’t do.

So I got up, grabbed the mower, mowed the lawn, tidied up the grass clippings, put the mower away then sat back down in front of the fan.

NOW I could relax for a little while before the shopping.

But I couldn’t. It would be wasted time. Before my groceries touched down I could use the remaining food in the fridge to cook something lovely for lunch. Maybe a nice side salad and some mini crustless quiches?


Old Dave would have discounted this idea after walking twice around the park and also mowing the lawn. He would instead probably have started eating slices of ham when the shopping arrived instead of cooking a meal.

Screw it. I still had time and I was sweaty already. The oven’s warmth didn’t bother me. 35 mins later I had lunch prepared with TONS of speed food and the decks were cleared ready for the shopping.

I looked at my watch. It was only 10.30. I still had time to do the washing up and clean the kitchen a bit…

Well. Hmmm. Why not. It will make everything look better for after my study period. Nuts to it.

So I did all that too.

These are all relatively normal everyday things – and they are all activities I did before. But they’re NEVER things I used to do one after the other. Usually I felt pretty tired after most tasks and certainly did NOT go looking for another one right away.

Things have definitely changed. I’m sitting (a few hours after all that above) having a coffee and a break from study and I’m quietly amazed at how alert I feel.

So far this week I have walked 6 & 3/4 miles. My weekly record is 7 & 1/2 miles and I’m only on Wednesday. Before I weigh in on Saturday to CRUSH MY 4lbs GOAL I have several opportunities to walk further.

It will be interesting to see where I get to internet! Stay tuned!

Now I need to get back to my training. Laters!


8 thoughts on “Espionage in the park

  1. I feel pumped after reading that! Great writing again, as always in fact, and vaguely jealous at how appetising and COLOURFUL your food always seems to look, good on ya buddy!

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  2. Well done you for still going for a walk. It’s insanely hot here today as well. The only reason I even ventured out today was because I absolutely had to. Thankfully the weather will get cooler again as of tomorrow (32 celcius is absolutely horrid!). Keep up the good work! ๐Ÿ˜€

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