Art in the Park

No good deed goes unpunished it seems, and today I’m suffering for my walk yesterday.

Strangely although I’m a little stiff that’s not the worst of things. When I woke up with my skin feeling tight and painful I realised that I managed to burn my arms even though I was covered in factor 50. Annoyingly they seemed fine yesterday evening. I also have some weird (and insanely itchy) heat rash thats covering my chest, arms and stomach.

I’ve woken up scratching all over and am consequently pretty irritable this morning. It doesn’t really help that I have several things to do today and can’t just sit indoors waiting for it all to subside. From my perspective it’s also going to be the WORST kind of day for all this…


Where on earth is the traditional British weather when I need it? Grrrrr….

Oh well. Better get on with it I suppose. I have to weigh in shortly. Back later.

(Walks to Slimming World to stand on scales and back home again)

I’m not quite sure what to say. My usual ‘up one week down the next’ theory seems to be being challenged at the moment. As I’ve done a lot of walking since my last weigh in (I’m up to approx 13 miles since the last one) I expected to lose – but wasn’t sure how much.

You could have knocked me over with a feather when the scales said I’d lost 8lbs!


Very unexpectedly this gave me my 4st certificate.

I was hoping to get this next week – but not this week! It looks like the slow uphill slog from the walk yesterday may have made all the difference!

This now means that (as mentioned in a previous blog) I have now lost more than a 25kg bag of cement.

Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 16.57.02

Trust me when I say I’m NOT missing carrying this around all day. I’m REALLY chuffed.

It was also a good week for others – and the fab lady I met from SW on my walk yesterday also had a really good result. She looked very pleased with herself today when she got a milestone certificate and rightly so.

According to her she’s now the lightest she’s been in many years, and is definitely feeling the benefits. Others who has been on holiday – or struggled the week before also managed to have good losses and everyone left in a really good mood, which was a perfect way to start the day.

Angie also got her 1 stone award proving she’s right there in the same boat as the rest of us, and sticking to her own regime! 🙂

Anyway. Now I have to re-apply my factor 50, take another allergy tablet and head off into the blazing sunshine to see my friend Sally Pickles‘ stand at ‘Art in the Park’ In Leamington Spa. If anyone’s interested it’s also on tomorrow as well (7th Aug) so you can still go and have a look!

I wholeheartedly expect to burn like a peach, but also want to show my support as she’s put a huge amount of effort into her designs!

(heads off to the Leamington)

Well the park was buzzing today and absolutely packed with people. I realised that I’m actually not that familiar with Jefferson Gardens at all and have managed to not go there before (!).

I’m a bit surprised by because I could have sworn I had…

However It’s all completely unfamiliar to me – so I guess now I have somewhere new to walk around and explore. I have to say though today was NOT the day to do so, and my time there was relatively brief.

Everything is cramping up from my walk yesterday and the sun has been out full blast, making me run for cover wherever I saw shade.

However I’m glad I did venture forth, as I got to see my mate and her lovely textiles. She’s trying to get her name out there as much as possible – and had been handing out business cards and chatting to potentially interested parties all day long. Her stall in the marquee looked simply lovely – and I know how much hard work went into making all the items leading up to the event.

She’s been a very very busy (and is an extremely talented) lady!!!

Her husband arrived to mind the stall for a short while and we chatted outside in the shade. The marquee was boiling today, and despite loosing some weight this kind of temperature is still way outside my comfort zone.

Just round the back of the tent was a huge tree and it was a perfect place to have a brief catch up.

Now oddly I don’t normally like full length photos. I hate them in fact, but today (at my request) my brother took a couple of me with my friend – and I actually feel pretty good about the result. I didn’t look half dead, or miserable, or like I was about to burst. I just looked like I was getting on with life and having a good time, out in the world with other people.

I looked happy.


Annoyingly my belt fell out of the loop in my jeans and started hanging down. I hadn’t noticed this until I looked at the photo later in the afternoon. However – its actually only hanging down that far because I’ve had to cut new holes into it over the last few months. If you look carefully at it you can see where the original notches are.

That’s progress for sure 🙂

most hated photo 2 (1)

In late 2015 that same belt was straining to hold back a waistline that was about as far out of control as it’s possible to get. I’ve actually snapped leather and broken metal buckles before (even fairly recently) and to see tangible evidence of improvement like this feels awesome!

The day finished with my brother and sister in law in the local Harvester where I ate several bowls of salad and a salsa chicken stack with a baked potato. I estimate no more than about 4 syns in the whole meal and I feel full and happy.

Internet – it’s worth pointing out that 6-7 months ago I wouldn’t have opened the front door once on a day like this. I would have probably been sitting inside playing video games with a large glass of wine and a fridge full of junk food which had been delivered to my door.

At the moment I’m sore and itchy – but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I am loving my life and the possibilities it suddenly holds.


19 thoughts on “Art in the Park

    • Thanks!!! I think its going to naturally take a little nose dive soon. I was expecting a loss but only a teeny bit this week. I’m trying not to fall into the trap of expecting this kind of loss all the time – otherwise i’ll beat myself up when it doesn’t happen. I’m just trying to take it for what it is and be happy! x

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  1. Wow…..congrats on the 4st, that is an absolutely amazing achievement, you can see a huge difference in the way you look as well as the very evident difference it’s made to your confidence. We’ve all known for a long time what a lovely guy you are, it’s so nice to see that you seem to be realising that too now!

    Hoping to get to Art in the Park tomorrow, if we do I’ll say hi to Sally.

    So chuffed for you😊 xx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Great result Davie, 4 stone !!!!! Keep up the good work matey, looking good in the full length picture too, here’s to many more bag of cement to leave at home

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Looking good! 😀 Congratulations on smashing that 4st goal to pieces. You totally deserved it.
    As someone who has had to deal with heath (and cold) rashes as well, might I suggest trying the coconut butter cream sold by the body shop? 🙂 It greatly reduces the itchiness for me in mere minutes. So perhaps it might help you as well?

    Liked by 2 people

    • I’ll have to have a look – thanks for the tip! At the moment I’ve cut my fingernails – otherwise I’m going to end up looking like I’ve been attacked by Wolverine 😡

      And thanks (as always) for the encouragement x

      Every slimmer needs a Marjolein 😄👍🏽

      Liked by 2 people

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