One of the luxuries of being recently unemployed is just deciding to get up and do something and not worry about where you have to be the following day. 

Yesterday evening I was talking to a lady on Facebook and (as is my tendency lately) I started being very honest about my day. I’d wanted to go into Birmingham on the train – but last time I went it wasn’t a pleasant experience and I got verbally abused. 

I’m also (probably overly) paranoid about getting too far from home, hurting myself and not being able to get back. 

After this conversation I sat thinking about my limitations and how many are real vs how many are imagined. 

I think that although my physical problems are not insignificant (I’m just over 30st now) it’s true to say that I’m afraid a lot. 

I’m afraid of pulling muscles, I’m afraid of straining tendons. I’m aware that heart attacks happen and I’m a prime candidate. 

But none of this should stop me from trying – it should just remind me not to be stupid. 

So today, after booking a hotel late last night I am in Aberystwyth and I’ve just walked up Constitution Hill. 

(I’m not doing a pirate impression. The sun is in my eyes lol)

This may seem a little random but years ago I lived here, just at the bottom of the cliff railway. Although I’ve lived other places for longer I still consider Aber to be something of a spiritual home, and I haven’t been here since I started gaining weight. 

This is particularly shameful as my dad also lives here and I’ve not visited him for a decade. Instead he has visited me in Warwick. 

I just sent him this picture on iMessage and the daft brush thinks I’m in Brighton! I’m going to pop over after I walk back down and take him for lunch in town.  

(Picks up Gandalf father for lunch. Some may recognise him from a previous blog)

One of the nice things about coming here after loosing weight is parking. Aber is a small town – and finding a place to put your car can often be a challenge. It used to be the case that wherever I went I had to park right outside. 

Not today. I’ve parked at the opposite end of the pier and we’ve both walked into town. It’s been a LONG time since I walked along the front by the sea. 

Dad (after reading my blog) is also going to slimming world – so the walk is good for both of us!

The tide is currently out and everyone is checking out the rock pools for crabs and limpets. There are dogs with them who keep jumping into the shallow water and splashing their owners when they get out. 

It’s been so long that I was here that I had completely forgotten I used to go down there and explore too. I love this part of Aber!

(Stops further on for lunch and a catch up)

Well – after a virtuous salad (beetroot and raw garlic with balsamic) with a baked potato and beans we walked all the way back along the promenade and down to the end of the pier to see all the boats in the harbour. 

So far my Apple Watch appears to think it’s been stolen as all its little rings are filling up and overflowing. My calories burned is currently almost twice round the horn and I’m feeling epic. 

(More time passes)

However now I’m somewhere else I haven’t been for a VERY long time. I dropped Santa dad off at the North Pole and headed for the next (well deserved) objective.

This baby. 

Oooooooh yeeeeaaaaah!

It probably seems like nothing to you readers but although I’ve never missed a day in the shower (sometimes I get soapy twice a day – I’m a water baby lol) it has been a decade since I had a bath. 

Last night I thought ‘screw it’ and paid the extra supplement to get a whirlpool BIG bath. Right now guess where I am?

This is my first bathblog(tm) lol! 

You saw it here first – and hopefully not for the last time. 

Unfortunately it’s bubbles are broken- so I’m in still rather than sparking bubbles. I will complain only when I’m so wrinkly that I look at least 3 decades older. 

I would take pictures but there are ladies with delicate constitutions out there who will have to imagine the hippo like splendour of my relaxation. My room is all steamy and I’m loving life!

So – to the Internet and (most importantly) the fantastic ladies of slimming world – talking to you inspired me yet again to step outside of my comfort zone and now I look like a tired and happy prune. 

I hope you’re all enjoying yourselves as well. 

Although I’m not sure how you can without a four poster bed and a miniature love pillow…


10 thoughts on “Daveyprune

  1. hehe this post had me smiling all the way through. I am glad that you are enjoying yourself (I realize now I read these posts backwards, so the one with the seagull makes much more sense now from a timeline perspective!).

    I especially love the Dad nickname jokes. My dad swears he is a Hobbit reincarnated, so the Gandalf name for your dad literally made me laugh out loud!

    That is awesome that you got to enjoy the soaker tub! Those are indeed a rare treat and I agree, they should be enjoyed until well pruned ๐Ÿ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

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