Twenty One minute mile

I started early today. 

The sun hadn’t been up long as I strolled into St Nicholas park to meet my ex colleague and friend. We’d originally planned (a couple of weeks back after she spied me walking into Leamington while driving past and contacted me in the evening) to meet at 6.30am – but the gods of providence were in a good mood and her son was unexpectedly on a sleep over at a friend’s house. 

I therefore slept in until 7.15. Bliss. 

When I woke up I was still thinking about the topic that’s been rattling around my head for the last week or so. 

I’ve been trying to determine exactly what the catalyst for going back to work will be. 

Ultimately I suspect it will come down to cold hard cash – as the bills won’t get paid by magical money faeries (although if anyone knows otherwise please let me know how I sign up for their sevices). 

Initially when I decided to take time off (ironically before being made redundant anyway) I wanted to loose weight, get fit and find out ‘what I loved’. 

These are all laudable goals, but frankly also a bit flowery and indistinct. 

I decided in a moment of clarity a few months back that I had discovered at least one thing I truly loved, and that was writing. I’m not sure someone should only love one thing in life – so the jury is out on whether that question has truly been answered to my full satisfaction. 

Next was the goal of loosing weight and getting fit. 

As with lots of things lately becoming smaller and becoming more active has modified or reset my perspectives on much in my life. 

A man in my Slimming World group said in passing to me a couple of months ago ‘I couldn’t miss my four mile walk in the morning’. 

As with many random and mundane things this stuck in my head. 

Although I may be wrong he implied at the time that he did this in an hour. I was incredulous when he said it as it was far beyond my capability. 

Now though it doesn’t seem quite so impossible to accomplish. 

As I shared in yesterday’s post, when I finally managed a mile of walking around a park it took me around an hour and ten minutes. This was some months ago. 

As I parked up to meet my friend this morning I decided that I’d try using the ‘walking workout’ function on Apple Watch to monitor what I did in the park. I was left with some mixed feelings about the output afterwards – but it shows me through the miracle of GPS exactly what I’m currently capable of. 

My first mile (as we walked and talked) was 20 minutes. Although I had to sit down in between the 3rd and 4th mile (I’m still having ligament problems In the thigh of my shorter leg) my speed at the moment is around 21 minutes per walking mile. 

I’m actually not THAT far behind my slimming world colleague, and it’s this that’s made me realise what I need to do before returning to work. 

I have a golden opportunity with this time off to increase my fitness to the level where I can compress the exercise into an hour (or two) that currently takes me most of the day wandering here and there with multiple breaks. 

So – this has become my new goal. Sort of. 

The issue is I don’t yet know what measure I should use to judge whether I’ve reached this point. 

Calories burned? Steps taken? Miles walked? 

This is still something I need to do more work on. I’m hoping that when I have several months worth of walking figures in my spreadsheet and I compare them to find an average that I eventually see a natural plateau. 

My objective is NOT to walk further every month than the one before – but instead to see what becomes a comfortable average… although by then I will carry less bulk and the actions will naturally burn less calories… 

It’s a work in progress. I guess I’ll have to see how this pans out. 

As always thoughts on the topic are welcome in the comments on Facebook, WordPress, Tumblr or Twitter. Let me know what you think. 

One thing is for sure – regardless of goals I think I’m in something of a golden moment in life, and for whatever reason events I experience are happening just the way they need to.

I’ve said previously that (despite not being spiritual or religious) I’m beginning to firmly believe that things happen for a reason and that (for want of a better way of putting it) ‘the universe is listening’. 

My walking companion on Friday can attest to this – as the very things we talked about (after discussing this exact topic) on our stroll happened to both of us almost immediately after we parted company. As she herself might have said – it was ‘totes amazeballs’, and quite amusing. 

I was only sad that we hadn’t discussed Kelly Brook in a state of undress parachuting spontaneously into my arms and us both winning the National Lottery. 

This is a lesson learned and one we’ll pay attention to next time. 

Recent moments are golden for more than just unexpected serendipity though. 

I’ve never been so sociable – and not because I’m a shy person but because I withdrew (because of my weight) from every available opportunity that presented itself. 

Lately I’m not only saying ‘yes!’ To almost everything, but actively going out of my way to make sure things happen. 

I’ve hardly used the calendar on my phone in the past – but as I hugged and parted company with my companion this morning I made sure we put a date down for the next walk. 

It’s sometimes tricky. My calendar is recently (joyfully) very busy. My walks started as a solo activity but have now become so much more. I’m getting to know more about existing friends and also starting to slowly make new ones. 

I haven’t made new friends for a very long time – and had become used to my close circle of work colleagues and the familiar comfort zone they provided. 

There are also opportunities arising all the time to make more of what might previously have been passing friendships with perfectly lovely people – that for whatever reason previously never developed past occasional chats and hellos. 

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that my TV viewing and game playing has dwindled to almost nothing lately (although I still have a particular weakness for movies.)

I don’t need to watch human drama on a TV screen. I’m getting my fix daily from people that I like and care about – and it’s hellishly addictive. 

Plus I get to see the swanling grow up every day, and introduce him (like I did today) to friends who have never had the pleasure. 

For the moment Internet I have emptied my head – and you are now in possession of the contents. 


P.S. I hope this satisfies the regular reader who contacted me this morning to complain that he had run out of posts to read and wanted to know ‘what happened next’ before suggesting I should get up off my ass and find something to blog about. 😄 

It’s always nice to feel wanted! x

4 thoughts on “Twenty One minute mile

  1. Fix taken. Now to the real question. I’m all for Kelly Brook and her airborne escapades, I’d wish you both the best of luck and health and all that…but win the lottery? Of course it could be a rather uncomfortable relationship if she’s having to fork out for most of your days galavanting around etcetera, so it would def be nice for YOU to get a nice win, but if the plan is that you both win, maybe Kelly, being already minted, could donate her winnings to an ex colleague fund for your skint former underlings? How about it?

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