Duracell bunnies

‘I’ll swap you my biscuits for your chicken nuggets’ said my friend’s daughter to her younger sister.

The smaller sibling thought about the offer for a moment. She clearly wasn’t enjoying the nuggets or the chips, and had picked up and put down a test one several times without so much as a sniff of interest.

It seemed like a good trade. She nodded and held out her palm expectantly.

The small packet of 3 cream filled biscuits was passed over in exchange and the eldest daughter reached over the table to grab one of the three nuggets on the plate.

The chunk of tasty chicken was quickly examined, dunked in baked bean juice and then swiftly consumed. It was followed shortly after by a chip, and then another nugget.

‘Dad can you open my biscuits?!’ Said the younger girl, wrestling with the cellophane packet.

My friend opened the wrapper and a bourbon cream was pulled from the packet before being bitten in half.

It’s fun to watch kids play and eat – and I love this kind of bartering. I remember doing it myself at school.

I wondered as I watched them at what age I stopped trading my lunch with people and became so reserved. I should try offering my dinner to people more. It looks like fun.

I was really hungry though and everything looked tempting. Even the nuggets. However I never eat before weighing in.

My last meal was at about 6pm yesterday – but thankfully it had been filling. A chick pea, kidney bean and turkey mince chilli, filled with speed and free food (although I probably should have had MORE speed 😈 )

I’ve not cooked many ‘proper’ meals in the last seven days and I really should have made more things like this. It’s my resolution for the coming week to do a proper shop and more cooking.

This morning I’d been in a rush to get to my meeting so hadn’t brought any breakfast with me (a naughty faux pas for a diabetic). As always the group continually talked about food and by the end my tummy had begun to seriously rumble.

The meeting overan a bit too and I was late to meet my ex-colleagues in the park for a play date with their children.

I just didn’t have time to eat before I got there and I won’t buy crap. I simply refuse. It MUST be good food. I’d have to wait.

Slimming World today had been a smaller than usual group – which wasn’t entirely unexpected as Angie was away at a social engagement. We had a lovely lady filling in for her – who had lost an amazing seven stone before she became a consultant.

The group was no less chatty than usual however – and while some faces were absent, others that hadn’t been with us for a while were back again.

One of the things I love about our little community is that it feels like a SAFE space – where from time to time the tearful frustrations of trying to make big life changes can come out. When they do it’s truly heartwarming to see people hugging, supporting each other and sharing.

I honestly think these guys are the difference between success and failure for me. I haven’t missed a single week since I started and as much as I’m motivated to loose weight it’s them that keep me coming back.

Today I lost 3.5lbs and finally got my 6st award. This brings the total loss to 6st 3lbs and I’m on track (hopefully the week after next) for the 6.5st certificate.

I also got slimmer of the month (yay!)

I officially give up on trying to second guess my weight loss though. It’s impossible. I never get it right and I’m routinely too hard on myself.

I’m NEVER going to guess and stress EVER again.

Until, like ummm… next week – where I’ll probably get wound up all over again and spend at least two days giving myself a hard time and walking almost until my feet fall off.

On the flip side though – if I wasn’t so driven I probably wouldn’t be losing weight, so maybe I need the critical side of me?

Either way the big new motivator for me is the visualisation of the FRIDGE FREEZER. At exactly 7 stone this baby is next on my hit list.

It seems unreal that I’ve been carrying not one, not two – but THREE of these in excess weight for the last 8 years.

I’m trying not to think of how much effort it’s taken me to get to where I am today though. This is mostly because I’m also attempting to ignore the fact that I will probably have to do that twice over and more AGAIN to get to a reasonable goal weight.

It’s a tough thing to imagine and there’s a long road ahead.

My mate’s kids are a tonic though. They made me forget all about this nonsense.

After we left the cafe we watched them for an two hours playing in the park and running like Duracell bunnies up and down slides and back and forth on swings and fairground rides.

As I watched my friend’s oldest daughter bouncing down the huge inflatable slide in the park for at least the fifteenth time I marvelled at her energy. She got to the bottom, laughed and waved at us and then was immediately climbing back up the rope ladder again.

She slid down bouncing, then not bouncing, then on her back, then on her front, then sideways – and hardly seemed out of breath at all.

‘Why do adults stop doing this kind of thing?’ I said to my friends to the left of me as we watched the two girls ascend the rope ladder again together.

‘It’s so good for you just playing and running about. Why on earth don’t we still do this when we’re grown up?’

They both nodded as my friend’s fearless six year old trampolined on her bottom in the air from the top of the slide to almost half way down and then slid to the bottom giggling.

‘Mad isn’t it?’ My friend said.

We tailed off – all deep in thought.

Once the children had expended their little gold funfair tokens we all said our farewells and my remaining friend and I walked back to our cars. I asked what he planned to do with the rest of the day, and he said he was going to paint.

Not a wall, but a watercolour.

He just wanted to create something and get better at his hobby – which was something that gave him real pleasure. It would be a relaxing and therapeutic afternoon for him. A chance to unwind.

He definitely had the right idea. I had almost physically felt the stress of whether I would loose weight or not lift from my shoulders when I stepped off the scales today. The idea of having a day off from everything really appealed to me.

I decided therefore that the rest of the afternoon and evening would be solely about having something nice to eat and relaxing. I still have several blisters and it’s time to take my foot off the accelerator, just for a moment.

So that’s what I just did. I cooked myself huge a curried chicken, garlic and onion salad and it was flipping lovely.

This evening internet I will watch a movie, play a video game, or read. I haven’t decided yet. I’m not going to think about walking AT ALL.

I’m just going to chill out. Enjoy your weekend guys.


2 thoughts on “Duracell bunnies

  1. Congrats on another loss :D. And yes sometimes you need to give yourself a rest. I have one set rest day per week, because I know I won’t be able to keep this up otherwise. So there is nothing, absolutely nothing wrong with a rest day ;).

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