Write off


I knew there was something amiss the other day when a man dressed in sack cloth and ringing a bell walked past my house calling ‘bring out your dead!’ He moved on after drawing a chalk mark on my front door to indicate that there was a plague victim within.

The ladies in my life refer to this as ‘man flu‘, which scarcely does justice to the Ebola like symptoms of the flesh eating virus I appear to have succumbed to.

The consequence of blog silence however is a heartwarming one – and today my mobile has been buzzing away with people making sure that I’m not hibernating or on a downward spiral.

I can confirm to those who have asked about my welfare that reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated.

In truth I have a really annoying chesty cough thats been nagging away in the background for days. On Tuesday afternoon, shortly after a walk with a fellow Slimming World’r around Arrow Valley it turned into a constant cough, runny nose and banging headache.

I fear that this week (in diet and exercise terms) may well be a write off. My appetite has confusingly swung between absolutely ravenous and completely disinterested – with daily exercise in much shorter supply than normal.

Initially this depressed my mood greatly. I’ve also had to cancel several social engagements – one of which was planned months ago – and I hate to let people down.

I dislike feeling like I’ve overeaten and been ‘lazy’ even more.

However – this is just life. If this week goes a bit south I’m just going to have to deal with it when I stand on the scales. I already have a (nearly) full week of walks in the calendar for next week and will make up any ground lost.

So – thanks to all those who asked after me. I’ll be back in service soon hopefully.

(cough, cough, splutter, sniffle)


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