Puppy love

Back when I started writing my blog I had the twin objectives of getting myself a dog and getting fit.

The latter has very much become the focus of my life but the former is like a niggling itch that for whatever reason I just can’t scratch.

I talked myself out of it at the time for very sensible reasons (such as who would look after it when I’m working) but there’s rarely a day or week where I don’t question that decision, and wonder again whether I could get a dog.

Today I feel that itch burrowing away and poking my brain deep inside my head. It’s all I can do to resist going to the local kennels.

The reason?

This impossibly cute little guy called ‘Max’ who belongs to one of the ladies at Slimming World. He sat on my lap throughout most of the session, initially nervously shaking, then nibbling and tugging at my beard as he got used to me before finally falling asleep on my arm.


He’s teeny tiny for a puppy (he’s a Jack Russell so he won’t be ever be huge) and seems to have the softest fur and most perfect paws and eyes that it’s possible for a dog to have. I honestly fell madly in love with him for a whole hour before I reluctantly gave him back to his disgustingly lucky (and lovely) owner.

To be honest I didn’t want to disturb or frighten him so I barely moved throughout the SW session – and it was pointed out by the ladies that the award I recieved today was met with a more muted response than usual. Rather than jumping up and down with joy I was just happily breathing in the sweet sweet odour of puppy fur.

To be honest if I had a dog like Max I don’t think I’d give a toss about eating or certificates ever again. I’d just sit around and play with him or her all day long!

However – I’m STILL pretty chuffed that despite a lower amount of walking and exercise this week that I managed to pull a loss out of the bag to get my eight stone award and little gold sticker.

I lost 4.5 pounds today.

I have another 3.5 to go before I get my eight and a half stone award – which is an excellent motivator for the week ahead to be good. I may be able to nail it next week!

One of the kind people at slimming world also put something of an extra special treat in this week’s food basket and with my coffee to celebrate (while I write) I’ve just indulged in this lovely gooey squidgy chocolate fudge brownie.


At a mildly decadent 4 syns it’s not going to break the bank – and it tasted really nice!

Thankfully I’m not really someone with a sweet tooth, so the lingering taste of chocolate is unlikely to make me crave anything else in a similar vein. I think instead that later on today I’m going to make an EPIC chicken soup to use up some swede and carrots before they go a bit soft and bendy.

If I can attribute this week’s success to anything (given my largely downbeat frame of mind for most of it) it’s chunky and warming broths.

When it’s absolutely freezing outside (I’ve been forced to turn on the central heating which is unheard of for a tubby trucker like me unless I have visitors) nothing fits the bill more than a hearty bowl or two of chunky soup.

Although I could use the swede and carrot to make something different.

I also have a recipe for beef and Guinness pie on the January page of the 2017 SW calendar (it came with this month’s magazine) that I’m considering making. However as I don’t drink any more I don’t know whether I should use the Guinness to make it – or sub in something else.

It may sound silly to some people but I want absolutely nothing to do with alcohol – even if its baked into food. When I was down last week I found my mind drifting while watching a supermarket Christmas advert for beer and reminiscing about the feeling of drinking Southern Comfort on the 25th of December.

This is probably about the only Christmas tradition I had – and although it’s not a particularly festive drink it almost single-handedly ensured that year after year I never made it to the end of ET The Extra Terrestrial.

What happens in the end to the adorable little walnut with the glowing finger is still a mystery…

It’s maybe silly to think this way – but in moments where I feel a happy nostalgic memory about booze I head over to my online counter (here) and it reminds me where I am with abstinence. Currently it stands at 297 days.

My ambition eventually is to count this in years rather than days and months.

Maybe I’ll try it with some sort of yeast extract instead. From what I can see on the recipe it’s the only thing that adds syns anyway so I’ll probably be doing myself a favour all round.

Anyway Internet – that’s my (positive and happy) start to the day. Wherever you are and whatever you want to improve about yourself or whatever you’re wrestling with I hope your day is going well too.

As a very very kind lady I know keeps reminding me ‘Just keep swimming.’



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