Exercise, my BMI and goal weight

I’m probably thinking way too far in advance at the moment – but today I’ve been considering my goal weight. This is not because I’m nearly there but because I am absolutely 100% going to get there. 

A few days ago I noticed that my Apple Watch has a new ‘achievement’ to fill all of my activity rings every day for a week in January. As you can see it’s greyed out at the moment and that’s irritating me. 

The period of activity needs to be Monday – Sunday and at the moment I’m doing my best to pander to my watch’s desires. I’ve so far done it three days in a row.

I manually set my move goal to 1000kcal per day some time back – and I almost always exceed this – unless I have a day off. 

My stand and exercise goals are non-user modifiable and sit at 12 and 30 respectively. The exercise one often confounds me as I definitely feel like I’ve had exercise after a long walk but my green ring doesn’t agree. 

This fascist dictator of a stat wants me to be panting and sweaty. It only pays attention when I walk briskly up hills or exceedingly fast without a gradient. As I’ve become smaller my heart rate has regularly been SIGNIFICANTLY lower during all movement.

This is great news for my heart but annoying for my stats. 

So – I’m trying to oblige it for a change and make a concerted effort to do more cardio based activity than I normally do. Thinking about this is what’s made me focus on my end goal as well – which so far I’ve been very vague about. 

If people have asked me about it so far I’ve mostly said ‘mutter mutter 15 stone ish mutter mutter’.

After looking at my BMI and where it should be again today (something I’ve always known but tend to ignore as it’s a long way away) it’s a bit different. I have around 12-13 stone still to lose.

The low end of this scale seems to me to be dramatically under weight – and I can’t imagine me ever being that size. 

Mind you it’s also pretty hard to visualise the top end as well. I’ve only ever been this weight once in my life – when I was around 17. 

Apple Watch has made me think hard about the exercise I’m doing at the moment (as well as my calorie intake and usage) and how it relates to where I want to be. 

The grim reality is that to get there (as time goes on) I will need to do more and eventually consume less and less. 

Previously these kind of thoughts used to send me into a tailspin of denial – but at the moment (and I’m not sure if this is a surge of willpower or my body naturally feeling more energetic and my mind more positive) I’m viewing it as a challenge – and one that is totally do-able. 

I used to view all exercise as a disagreeable sensation that made me feel uncomfortable and usually in some kind of pain. 

As I’ve progressed with my walking I’m naturally getting faster and less out of breath. This is making me want to see what else I can do and because of that I’m trying to change my attitude towards (amongst other things) my exercise bike. 

I’m pledging (in public – so no takesiebacksies) that by the end of Sunday using a combination of walking and my cycling torture simulator that every day this week will look something like this. 

In other news Internet it might snow tomorrow and if it does part of me wants to build a snowman and make snow angels while lying in a snow drift!!!! 

Admittedly this part of me is silly but you never know. It could happen!


10 thoughts on “Exercise, my BMI and goal weight

  1. I love the positivity! ๐Ÿ™‚ Perhaps you can look for a different kind of exersize later on that you actually used to like doing, apart from walking? That’s my reason for going back to dancing and swimming :).

    Yeah the low end of the BMI seems rather insane. According to that I would be at a healthy weight if I were 54 kilo’s… I would look like I was anorexic at that point ^__^”. So yes please do not go for the lower end of the BMI.

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  2. The last time we had decent snow where I am I got an early finish from work and rushed home to build a snowman in the garden at 3am. So if it does snow I’m sure I’m not the only reader who wants to see your snow angel!

    My BMI says I should be within the same ranges as you, and I’m pretty sure my skeleton alone weighs as much as the lower end. But the top end is what I’m aiming for and yes, we will do it!

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    • Loving the positivity Haley and the mental image of you building a snowman at 3am ๐Ÿ˜‚

      That BMI tool is off its nut if it thinks at 5ft 11in I’m gonna be 9st.

      I must have missed the tick box that said ‘double amputee’ ๐Ÿ˜

      We’re not just going to do it – but do it together! Keep the faith sista!


  3. Just joined a few days ago because a friend told me about how good your posts are.
    I noticed you set your Apple Watch “Move” goal very high. I am fairly active everyday and also on the new found me after weight loss but I only have my move goal set to 330. Is this the active calories over and above the amount you need to live on ?

    BTW hoping to read great inspiration reads in future blogs.
    Keep up the great work.


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    • The move goal is an interesting one – and it only really seems to make sense (I think) when you run a workout programme.

      Until fairly recently I never used these – but they have an active calorie count and an overall one – so I suspect that based on this Apple Watch is judging your heart rate and (based on your stored biometric data like height and weight in health kit) is making a determination about how many extra calories you’re burning based on what your heart rate is.

      I have a much thinner friend who shares his fitness stats with me and his active calorie count is set the same as yours – and even though he exercises a lot he also burns a lot less than me.

      To find out exactly what all this means and the algorithms behind it I think a long night with google is needed lol

      In the meantime I know the higher I set it, the more it irritates me and the more I get off my ass ๐Ÿ˜‚

      Great to have you on board!


      • In conclusion – I’m not sure why theres an active and non active figure because otherwise I’d expect it to be over 2,500kcal – which as a man I should be burning?!

        I’m clearly no expert lol ๐Ÿ˜‚


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