Project lettuce continues…

This morning I was fiddling with my mail client settings to find a better way of filtering the avalanche of job mails I’m getting every day. The vast majority of it is duplication or crap, so it’s become something of a daily hill to climb for me.

Whilst wading through this I accidentally clicked on the photo booth app icon – and suddenly up popped a fatter Davey, in a photo taken on my laptop webcam whilst writing my blog on the 24th May 2016. I was struck immediately by the difference in my face, and decided to take another photo to compare.

I can’t lie. This makes me feel really proud. Looking at me on the left reminds me that I had to drive to where I was that day, whereas the guy on the right briskly walked two miles this morning to sit down with his laptop for coffee. I know which one’s drink tastes better, and it has nothing to do with the quality of the brew in Starbucks.

From a fitness perspective yesterday was a real eye opener. On top of a lot of walking I spent quite a while (for me anyway) on my exercise bike. To be absolutely honest – this is an activity I still have a love/hate relationship with. I now genuinely enjoy the sensation of pushing myself physically – but pedalling and going no-where is a tough taste to acquire.

(for the benefit of my bike obsessed friend, despite this I’m not getting a real bike. Not yet anyway…)

I feel undeniably better once I’ve stepped off my torture simulator though – and the sensation was pretty damn awesome when I did so last night because I’d managed to keep going for 54 minutesDuring this personal best time (according to Apple Watch) I’d burned 668 ‘active’ calories and eradicated 853 overall. Whilst cycling I had an average heart rate of 115 bpm and ‘travelled’ 11 miles.

This had initially been on my usual level one hill climb setting – but when that ended and there was still juice in the tank I’d started a harder ‘random’ program with much more resistance to see how much further I could go – and how much my legs would endure.

Back when I first got on this exercise bike in early 2016 I managed 0.4 miles in four minutes without any resistance on the pedals (essentially I was just freewheeling) before I had to stop.

Once again I have a tangible and significant non-scale victory that reminds me where I’m going, makes me recall where I’ve been and focuses a spotlight on where I am – which is fitter than I ever remember being in my entire life.

This is despite still being somewhat heavier than I have been in the past.

On top of all my exercise this week I’m still laser focused on (translation = frikkin obsessed with) the quantities of food I’m consuming and the calories that they contain vs the ones that I’m burning.

My readership will therefore no doubt be distressed to find out that I’m still more than willing to inflict pictures upon them of what goes into my stomach. Furthermore I plan to prolong this torture by supplementing it with detailed statistics showing how hard I worked to make my fat wobble during the day.

Although there’s another dimension to this. I’m actually not just doing this for me – although that’s a massive part of it.

On occasion readers have commented that things I’ve said or done have prompted them to take action themselves. Honestly it’s a nice feeling to think I’ve helped or inspired someone else – despite the fact that it also usually makes me feel rather self-conscious. So, because of these kind words I’m exhaustively blogging this week’s efforts to turn around my weight little gain.

I want to demonstrate what happens (or doesn’t happen) to anyone out there that may be feeling like giving up or that’s struggling that when you choose to use disappointment as motivator rather than a stick to beat yourself with and really pay attention to what you’re doing with your body good things happen.

Even though I’ve made a lot of progress so far I can still be accused of burying my head in the sand on occasion. I did last week – otherwise I wouldn’t have gained weight.

So – here is how yesterday (Tuesday) panned out:


  • Stir fry veg (all speed food – seasoned with soy sauce, a veg stock cube and garlic)
  • 100g frozen prawns (105 kcal)
  • 2 salmon steaks (230 kcal)


Dinner  (I don’t normally eat rice, so this is my ‘new’ thing for the day)

  • 1/4 savoy cabbage, handful of green beans, chestnut mushrooms, red onion, fried in fry light and seasoning (all speed food)
  • Bachelor’s Super Rice (Golden Vegetable – 1.5 syns / 360kcal)
  • Can of tuna chunks in spring water (120kcal)
  • Can of sweetcorn – (120kcal)
  • 2x apples as a snack (they weighed 267g so approximately 125 kcal)

(total for the day not counting speed food1060 kcal approx)

Thanks mostly to my unusually long stint on my bike the exercise related calories for the day look pretty awesome, and appear (if correct) to obliterate everything I’ve consumed!


I’m getting more and more intrigued by what this (frankly obsessive) level of counting everything will mean.Will it actually translate to in pounds and ounces lost when I step on the scales on Saturday, or will the exercise offset it?

I honestly have no idea and have learned never to take anything for granted when it comes to the scales. I hope it gets me back on track though as I’m not sure I can remain this driven week after week!

However internet – it really makes me feel really good to know that ten months into my weight loss journey (when in the past at this point my resolve has faltered and I’ve chosen the wrong path) I’m not taking a defeat sitting down.

I… No – WE can do this.

Project lettuce continues…



7 thoughts on “Project lettuce continues…

  1. THANK YOU for this post! I had a little blip today and beating myself up is the default setting. But like you say good things happen if you switch it around and use it to motivate you for the week ahead. So the plan is to eat a ton of speed foods and walk off as much as I can.

    And you’re looking fabulous in the photo. The stubbly look really suits you!

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