Getting fitter

Although I’m often unable to tell whether I’ve done well or done badly on any given week with my eating and exercise I feel rather adrift today. I really cant figure out which it’s been over the last seven days and I’m trying to figure out whether sitting at a desk for 8 hours Monday to Friday again is going to affect my weight loss negatively or not at all.

I’ve been watching the TV this evening since I got home whilst idly adding up all of the miles that I’ve walked this week according to Apple Watch – and much to my surprise it’s sitting at exactly 40.

However, while I’m quietly impressed with this total (and the fact that I started strong at the weekend and hammered out loads of exercise) the beginning of the working week found me feeling both tired and hungry.

By Wednesday I got a sort of ‘second wind’, changed up a gear and started to put some effort in again. This evening I’m sitting here feeling like I’m finishing today having done well. I’d be lying though if I said I felt it had been a stellar week overall – but I can’t decide whether or not this is just me being hard on myself as usual.

One thing I do know for sure though is that I can feel my fitness levels noticeably increasing.

When I first started regularly doing my exercise bike’s 30 minute hill climb programme in the mornings (which has a two minute warm up and the same again as a cool down at the end) I was able to do around 6 miles in 34 minutes. This morning when I finished the readout said I’d done 7.5 miles.

The sweat was dripping off me at 6.45am as I sat panting in the dark of my spare room before my shower – but that’s encouraging progress – and it makes me really happy that I can now do something I couldn’t before. I can really feel the difference both in my legs and in my overall stamina. It takes a lot more for me to get out of breath now – and I also notice this when I’m walking.

I headed out to explore the walking opportunities around where I work again at lunchtime today. The weather wasn’t as nice as yesterday and it was a little cooler – but crucially it was dry and bright.

I realised half way through my route that I can have an almost completely unbroken walk as long as I’m careful to watch the traffic on the country roads. Unlike my treks around Warwick and Leamington I don’t have to wait to cross roads filled with traffic for anywhere near as long as I normally would – if at all.

This gives me the opportunity to just concentrate on walking as fast and far as I can – so I can utilise my lunch hour to it’s fullest extent.


Here again is an example (which I honestly find really surprising) where I have tried for what seems like ages over the last couple of months to get under 17 minutes a mile, and now it’s just suddenly not only become do-able but repeatable.

Don’t get me wrong – this pace leaves me panting and makes my legs really ache – but I can do it. I never used to be able to – and now all of a sudden not only have I been able to do it once but I’ve done it again.

It’s becoming my new normal.

I flipping love this internet – and regardless of what happens on the scales tomorrow this is what I’m going to try and remain focused on.

It’s not easy though. I want a good loss. Think nice thoughts for me!


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