By the time my friend and I had returned to my house last night I think we were both tired. 

We’d walked around 6.5 miles (total) to the local Harvester on the outskirts of town and back. While there we had both hit the salad bar with complete and gleeful impunity – asking for large plates so that we could test the limits of the staff’s patience while we constructed ever higher mounds of tomatoes and grated carrot. 

At a very reasonable £3.99 each we both also got second helpings and chatted while we munched at length about how virtuous and thrifty we felt. 

My friend is (like me) also becoming obsessed with fitness goals and it’s nice to have a jokey rivalry when we meet. 

Almost instantly we raise our wrists and compare her fitbit stats to my Apple Watch ones. 

She beat my step count yesterday – but I’ll get her next time around. She’s going down and no mistake!

Even though both of us hadn’t been shy and helped ourself to (lots of) seconds, there had been no meat, no stodge, no fat, no chips. Nothing in fact that made either of us feel like not making the walk back. 

It was a leisurely stroll through the darkened and sleepy streets of the town as we discussed life, jobs, relationships and the future. 

By the time we hugged goodbye (despite her victory in the step war) it’s safe to say that peace had descended on the world. It had been a busy day – but it had all been ordered by conversation and all that there was left to do was sleep. 

In total I walked 71 miles (105km for my Euro readers) for the week and it’s safe to say I was both surprised that I managed to fit it in around my last few days in work – but also that I’d remained focused on it despite everything else going on. 

When my head hit the pillow I was still thinking about all of the possibilities that the future now held. 

At 5pm that day I had said goodbye for the last time to my short lived (but very nice) colleagues from my now ex-job. 

Ever since I’ve been filled with a whole mix of emotions and my brain is on fire with all of the different suggestions people have made about what I could possibly do next. 

When I slept I slept like a log however. 

I didn’t dream. There was no fear – just me turning off all the alarms on my phone, putting my watch on charge and nodding off. 

After my exercise bike this morning (I see no reason to stop now just because I don’t have a job) I looked in the mirror. My waist definitely looks smaller. 

It’s not an optical illusion – even though I thought it was to begin with. If I undo the belt on my new Jacamo jeans they simply fall down. The waist is now way too big. 

When I arrived at Slimming World the ladies in the queue were also pointing out that I may need new trousers soon – and they’re not wrong. 

They’ll do for the moment though. 

In the meantime I was way more interested in what had happened on the scales. I know I’m trimmer – but how much weight had I lost after loads of exercise?

A lot it seems. 

Today I lost 8lbs. 

I’m now the proud owner of a 12st certificate, meaning that roughly speaking I have around 7.5 – 8st left to go before I get to where (I think) I will be comfortable. 

It’s difficult to tell though. I have precisely zero idea how I will feel from here on. It’s all totally new. 

This week is somewhere I haven’t been for two decades. I’m now (approximately speaking) somewhere around 1998 in terms of my weight. It’s been so long since then that I no longer remember how it felt, what I wore, or what I was capable of. 

The truth is probably not very much, despite being way smaller. 

Although I didn’t drive back then I went everywhere on the bus, drank heavily, smoked, ate complete crap, and did a lot of other questionable things that my peers also did in the 90’s. 

This means that I’ve NEVER been as fit and healthy as I am at this moment in time EVER

It’s quite jaw dropping to say that. 

In the space of a year I’ve moved from being at the lowest point in my life to (without a doubt) the highest – and there’s still more to come. 

Have a look at these pages. 

When I got home today I sat quietly in my kitchen and just looked at them feeling emotional. 

They represent a lot of pain, happiness and personal growth. Because I’ve written about those days I can go back in time on my blog and look at each and every date and remember exactly how I felt. 

In most cases I don’t need to though. I remember all too well. 
However – despite the absolutely invigorating realisation that I’m at my peak I STILL HAVE ANOTHER FRIDGE FREEZER TO LOOSE!

Do you remember this guy from October 2016?

I do. 

He was really happy because he’d lost 7 stone that day – but I know his shirt tugged around the waist when he sat down in the car on the drive over to Currys before his SW meeting that morning. I remember it bothered him and detracted from the victory a little bit. 

That shirt went to charity long ago and I can now walk to Currys. 

This fridge freezer is no longer an impossible mountain. It’s no longer a burden. It’s not a wall I can’t climb over. It’s not a barrier to success. 

Dragging this fat around with me is actually helping me loose it!

While I was knocked off the top spot in the step count war, my active calories and total calories burned every day is stratospherically high and absolutely smashed my friend’s total. 

Carrying this added bulk everywhere I go means I work twice as hard to go the same distance as my peers – which in turn means I burn more and loose more than I otherwise would. 

Fat has oddly become my (fast fading) faithful companion. 

It’s realised the burden it’s been in the past and knows it’s days are numbered – but as it goes it’s decided it’s going to do something useful in order to try and make amends for all the pain and discomfort it caused.  

I no longer care about its instant removal Internet. It’s welcome to join me and help out – it just better get used to it’s endangered status. 


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