It’s all about the recovery – not about the screw up!

Although it’s a difficult thing to do I committed (back when I first started writing my blog) to detailing the bad days along with the good ones.

Yesterday wasn’t an awful day by any stretch of the imagination – but by the time the evening rolled around I wasn’t eating because I was hungry.

I was eating for other reasons.

While this was happening I really didn’t want to write down or be honest about what I’d done. 

Rather than completely hide from reality though I didn’t throw any of the wrappers or pots away so that this morning I could accurately count the damage and face up to it.

I’ve learned the hard way that such events are all about perspective – and on days (like Saturday) where this is lacking (when perhaps I don’t feel so bouyant) sometimes I need to just roll with what’s happening and then try and re-frame things the day after.

Thankfully these days don’t happen very often.

It’s usually a lack of sleep that reinforces my negative inner voices – and when this is the case I’ve got to tell myself (as I did this morning) that my really bad days now are still waaaaaaaay waaaaaaaay better than a normal day a couple of years ago.

Back then in the pre Slimming World days when I was still drinking I really went to town. 

(this list is from a previous post here).

Way to work (1130kcal)

Sandwiches eaten at desk (1725kcal approx)

  • 6 thick slices of hand cut bread (usually this was half of an in-store supermarket bakery 800g wholemeal loaf) (952kcal)
  • Benecol light spread – I guesstimate approx 20g (64kcal) per slice (total 384kcal)
  • Two packs of 125g ham – 290kcal
  • 3x tomatoes (67kcal each) and cucumber slices (10kcal) – (201kcal)
  • Two packets of Mccoys crisps (multipack ones are 141kcal each) (282kcal)

Evening meal (1595kcal)

Snacks and drinks (3023kcal)

  • Sainsburys house Soave 2.25l (I would typically drink all of this – per 125ml Soave is approx 79kcal so it totals 1422kcal)
  • 200g ‘sharing’ bag of Doritos (894kcal)
  • Ginsters large Cornish pasty (707kcal)

Total (if I didn’t have an evening takeaway instead of a ready meal) – 7473kcal

If it was a Tuesday (when Dominos do a two for one pizza offer) instead of my evening ready meal and snacks I might have eaten two huge pizzas. A large Texas BBQ – which was my preferred method of self destruction is 1976 kcal (link) and would have usually been followed by a side of chicken strippers with potato wedges at 640 kcal (link).

This would have made the day come to 8869 kcal 

I was still a greedy boy yesterday though. There’s no getting around it. I ate almost twice the number of calories that I’ve had on any other day in #onplanoctober. 

Saturday 21st

  • 2x hi-fi bars (HE) 146
  • Tub of cottage cheese with onion and chive 176
  • 300g baking potato 231
  • 3 small tomatoes 30
  • 100g pickled onions 35
  • 370g (jar) pickled gherkins 114
  • Can of tuna in spring water 120
  • 3x apples 210
  • Tesco chorizo cooking meatball 83
  • 300g blueberries 129
  • 750g frozen Aldi summer fruits 252
  • 750g natural yogurt 462
  • Tub of cottage cheese with onion and chive 176
  • 4 hifi bars – 292
  • 500g Aldi Slim Free chicken tikka masala 371
  • 240g Cannelini beans 192
  • 3 small tomatoes 30
  • 500g carrots 210
  • 200g ham 232

Total calories consumed 3491


  • Active/total calories burned 662/3137
  • Cardio minutes 33
  • Steps/miles walked 7627/3.96

As bad as all this is though I think I needed yesterday – just to get whatever it was that was going on in my head out of my system – and what I have to remember (if I want continued lifelong success) that it’s not about the screw ups it’s about the recovery – and moving on.

So that’s what I’ve been doing today.

Food wise I’m confident that when I total Sunday up everything will be better – and since I also spent a lot of time napping and relaxing yesterday (in between raiding the fridge and cupboards) I feel as fit as a fiddle this morning.

My walking so far for Sunday has been at a pretty fair clip and I’m cracking along at a regular (just over) 15 minutes a mile pace so far with loads of energy still left in my legs.

I’ve even come as close as I’ve ever done to breaking the 15 minute barrier – with an annoyingly close 15.05 (I blame the traffic lights).

So that’s it for today. Yesterday is in the rear view mirror and I’m moving on with #onplanoctober. Tomorrow is another day and I have every confidence it will be a good one as well.

In the meantime if anyone wants me I’ll be pretending to be Lego Batman.

Why? (growls) Because Lego Batman is cooool 🤗


6 thoughts on “It’s all about the recovery – not about the screw up!

  1. Sorry I haven’t had chance to post fir a while but I have had a busy week with family etc . Anyhow I just wanted to say a huge well done on your loss yesterday and getting in to the new numbers 😍😍and also just to say please don’t stress over yesterday’s eating . I have done this many times ( Thursday was one of those days when I went out for a lovely afternoon tea ❤️) and I struggled to get back on plan but I did . I am only a pound away from my half stone award ( only taken me 8 weeks this time against 15 on my last attempt at SW ) and yet I went out on Thursday and ate that . I then followed that with a McDonald’s with my two year old grandson cos he wanted one 😂😂😂So from some reason I blew it this week and decided to put a holiday in at SW and get back on plan with a plan to get that pound off this week 😀….. hopefully 😀

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  2. You are so good for keeping the packaging! I always mean to do that but I end up eating too many things that need weighing. And I’m absolutely no good at guessing!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Yep Fatigue and bad thoughts can make you binge. I am especially familiar with the previous one lol. I commend you for eating only healthy stuff though! I have often caved for crisps and chips or pizza’s (last week was really bad ^__^”)

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