Bad tech day

I feel cranky at the moment. The last few days (for very different reasons) have seen me lose a lot of sleep and end up napping or feeling wide awake at odd times. 

Overall it’s not great for my underlying mood or willingness to indulge in comfort eating – which so far I am keeping at bay. 

Saturday is behind me now – and I’m hyper aware that I can’t go repeating it if I want to turn things around before my next weigh in.  

At the risk of angering anyone struggling with things like illness, broken bones, career issues or unruly toddlers I will state in advance that in the great scheme of things my gripes are inconsequential

However they are really annoying me at the moment.  

If there’s one thing that I genuinely struggle with it’s letting go when something technological doesn’t work properly. When something like this happens (thanks to my exceptionally obsessive side) it usually results in one of two scenarios. 

  1. I stay up all night long trying to figure out what’s wrong because I can’t sleep if I don’t.
  2. I go nuclear and replace whatever it is that’s making me see red or can’t be fixed. 

I’ve had a mixture of both outcomes in this case – and one thing that I will say without going into detail is that I’m seriously falling out of love with Apple products at the moment.  

My original reason for transitioning to their eco system of devices back in 2008 was based on the promise not only that ‘things just worked’, but that they worked exceptionally well together

To be fair to Apple when they do it’s often a magical feeling. I get sucked into what many refer to as the ‘Apple reality distortion field’ and like many others buy into the hype that surrounds a product launch. 

After a while of all your connected thingies ‘just working’ though you expect more and more of the same behaviour from them – because it’s what you paid a premium for. 

Then – all of a sudden everything seems to go wrong with everything you trusted – and unlike Windows etc (which you expected to eventually pull your pants down around your ankles in public and run away laughing) you begin to feel completely betrayed by your little technological buddies. 

I’ve been fixing (after much help from Google) my irritating and completely inexcusable technical issues for most of the night until the early hours of this morning because sadly I find it impossible to let such things go. 

Thankfully everything is once again (sort of) working as it should but I now feel like I’ve been robbed. What’s been stolen is yet more of my trust (if you remember very recently my Mac’s o/s died a death – and it took ages to sort out) and Apple has a lot to do to recover it. 

OSX High Sierra and IOS 11 I’m looking at both of you. You should be ashamed of yourselves and your bugs.

The jury is out about what I do next. 

On the plus side yesterday was a good one from a diet recovery perspective. I only cooked one dish for the day (a delicious chilli) and given that I was still full from the excesses of the previous day I didn’t need to eat anything else. 

Sunday 22nd

  • 500g 5% fat pork mince 555
  • Green pepper 30
  • 380g mushrooms 80
  • Large courgette 54
  • Small onion x2 60
  • 240g kidney beans 281
  • Bunch of broccoli 40
  • Can chopped tomatoes 74

Total calories consumed 1164

  • Active/total calories burned 1223/3740
  • Cardio minutes 117
  • Steps/miles walked 15,917/8.68

Hopefully internet my Apple Watch and phone will sort their s*** out and I’ll be able to get some more stats for tomorrow. A big chunk of this week got wiped/damaged/fubar’d this morning and this in particular did not make me a happy boy. 

I know this probably bothers no-one but ME but I’ll be very annoyed if (after all my efforts over the last 3 weeks) I can’t put together a complete picture of the month when I’ve finished my #onplanoctober challenge. 

If anyone needs me I’ll be in a sulk with my technology for the foreseeable future. 


7 thoughts on “Bad tech day

  1. Poor you! When it rains it pours, eh? Honestly, I can totally understand why you would be so angry. Those products are hella expensive so they should work. Alas though, machines are the work of men and will sometimes screw up. Try to let it go a bit, however hard it is. 🙂 Deep breaths. And if you need help with picture collecting picture of your blog or so: I’m more than happy to help you out.

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    • Thankfully everything once again seems to be on an even keel with the tech in my house. I will say it wasn’t the seamless experience I’d hoped it would be but hey #firstworldproblems I guess. At least I don’t have to walk all day to a well to get water to drink – so I have a lot to be thankful for (although I could TOTALLY walk all day now so I’d be capable AND thirsty 😏)

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      • 🙂 It’s OK to sometimes just rant about your own problems you know? They are just as real to you at that point as they are to others. Honestly, I have cursed my computer to hell at times haha (as has my fiance who then had to act as my in house techsupport haha). 😉 But the important thing is that you don’t let it ruin your day/week.

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      • What’s ruining my week so far (and I believe you may have some passing but limited experience in this area) is a lack of sleep 💤

        Not enough of it (when you have other things on your mind or just randomly can’t get it) has a bad effect on Davey 😒

        Although I suspect I’m preaching to the converted at the moment 😏

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      • Haha totally. I had 4 hours of sleep yesterday and about 6 today. Needless to say I have had another duvet day whilst being an emotional mess haha (threw myself a nice pitty party). Maybe you could try the app Stop, Breathe and Think? It is a free meditation app that I have been using to help me relax when I am super tired, but cannot sleep during the day. 🙂 It usually puts me in a better frame of mind, so maybe it can help you as well?

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