Edging forward

Bye bye little pound of fat. You were a part of me last week, but now you’re just water vapour or gas – or something else.

Since matter can’t be created or destroyed this wobbly chunk of my ass or belly probably floated away into the clouds over the course of many many farts whilst walking to and from work and doing press-ups or sit-ups over the past week.

I’m not mourning it’s passing.

Today the scales saw my third consecutive week with a drop over the festive period – and although the losses aren’t massive I’m simply glad that I didn’t do any backsliding.


This also (rather unexpectedly) managed to win me the Slimmer of the Week award – which was pretty surprising as it was ‘only’ a pound. However this happened mainly because I’ve managed to lose each week rather than being the one who dropped the most this on the scales (you can’t win it if you maintained or put on in the previous week).

It’s probable that the last stretch of my weight loss may turn out to be a bit of a slog in terms of time, but I’m kind of OK with that if I’m honest. I don’t think any more that I’m getting to my goal by the end of January (truthfully I didn’t realistically expect that I would) and the more I think about the subject the less I want it to happen.

I reflected upon this with a friend as I walked around the park with her this afternoon.

Although its freezing outside today the sky looked quite lovely – and snuggled up in Supercoat 3 I was as snug as a bug in a rug.


It strikes me that whilst a while back slowing down with my weight losses may have been a problem (I’d probably have agonised and worried about it endlessly) now it might actually be a blessing in disguise.

If I’m inching ever closer to my goal weight in smaller decrements than I was previously then this also means that I’m pretty much already where I need to be (from a food intake and exercise point of view) to start maintaining my weight.

If I keep doing what I do now after I’m at target but with a little bit more food intake then that should translate to maintenance.

The pound didn’t happen by magic of course.

My #onplanjan efforts and my new years’s resolutions are on track at the moment – and this is making me feel like I’m both accountable and also making gradual but quantifiable progress.

Since my blog is all about honestly you’ll see in my food diary that I do take the brakes off a little after Slimming World’s weigh in sometimes, as my snacking today shows…

5th Jan
Aldi spicy cous cous + leftover chilli
240g Chicken pieces + 3 apples
Couscous + pickles and tuna + 3 apples

Press-ups 12

6th Jan
Box of Aldi benefit bars plus a box of hi-fi bars (Davey went way over his syns today!)
Honey roasted Salmon flakes
Baked potato + large salad (inc tuna and mackerel)
Natural yogurt and berries + banana

Sit-ups feet under sofa – 12
Press-ups 12
Dumbbell workout

Today’s meeting was even more worth going to than usual because Angie brought in a guest speaker – a local fitness expert called Ian from nobody’s perfect dance and fitness (link). He was there to talk about the benefits of healthy eating when combined with exercise.

As Ian was going through his speech I began making mental notes, because he had some rather interesting nuggets of info. These were particularly useful to me given my current objectives.

  • One pound of muscle burns 50Kcal per day. An extra 10lbs of muscle therefore burns 500Kcal per day.
  • To Lose 1lb of fat you need to burn 3500 kcal
  • An adult resting heart rate should be around 70bpm – those that are quite fit will often have one that’s much lower – at around 40/45bpm.
  • 100bpm is what the average person should expect whilst doing housework.
  • 140-150bpm = fat burning.
  • If you’re out of breath but still able to hold a conversation whilst exercising and you do this for 15 minutes then your metabolic rate will remain elevated for four hours after that activity, meaning you will continue to burn more calories that day than normal even if you do nothing else.
  • When you exercise the muscles underneath your fat become leaner, and tighten up, giving the impression that you’re thinner – and things like your waistline pull in, so you see inch loss
  • The toned muscles burn more fat, therefore accelerating weight loss
  • We spend the majority of our lives dehydrated and we should be having a litre and a half of water a day. This will reduce the sense of phantom hunger that being thirsty causes.

IMG_1573.jpgWhilst typing these titbits up for my blog I stopped for a moment, relaxed, breathed slowly for a while and let my watch keep an eye on my pulse.

Honestly the results made me smile. It’s just one more reminder of the progress I’ve made in life by keeping up the exercise day after day after day.

My resting rate is exactly where it should be – and demonstrates how much less strain there is on my cardiovascular system now compared to what it had to go through beforehand.

I’m in full agreement with Ian about all of this – and it’s a timely reminder that I have to carry on with my current course of action to build more muscle (not stupid amounts mind you) and keep it if I want to remain slender and fit for life.

Hopefully internet you agree and your new year’s resolutions are still cemented in place and you’re feeling strong!

We can do it!


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