Only eight pounds to go…

If there’s one thing thats remained irritatingly consistent throughout the last two years of weight loss its the fact that I really have no idea what’s going to happen when I stand on the Slimming World scales.

I’ve refused to allow myself to buy a pair of my own (maybe I will when I reach target) and probably because of this I just can’t call it and still end up stressing about nothing.

Today I lost two and a half pounds – meaning that I’ve ‘only’ got to drop another 8lbs before I get to my target.

Furthermore there’s only one pound to lose before I get my 19.5 stone certificate!


I have to say that when it comes to Slimming World and the subject of ‘should I stay to group?‘ my opinion is ‘yes you flipping well should.’

Even when I feel a bit adrift, being in a room full of people with the same mindset and the same mountains to climb produces a warming sense of solidarity. Everyone just wants to help each other and the advice (and camaraderie) always flows freely and selflessly.

My group (and Angie my group leader) never fail to make me smile and today was no exception. If I hadn’t gone to stand on the scales and then sat with everyone chatting before and afterwards my mindset would most likely be downbeat – and that’s why I never leave and I never miss a session.

Without them I’m sure that my results week after week would be very different.

But I digress.

I’ve only eight pounds to go… How nuts is that?! 

After group I strolled into town with a fellow member and then sat chatting with her and catching up on gossip while she tucked into a Nando’s lunch.

Although I didn’t eat myself it all looked very nice.

I wasn’t in diet mode – there was just that nothing on the menu that appealed to me at that exact moment in time. I also wasn’t that hungry because (as usual) I’d just eaten an entire box of mint chock chip hi-fi bars whilst Angie went through image therapy with the members.

In truth I was more interested in the funky ceiling in the restaurant. I’ve never been in there before and it’s really cool!


After my friend had eaten her fill we headed off for the most important part of the day.

Retail therapy.

I’m aware that I’m becoming quite addicted to clothes shopping – and at some point (just not yet) I’m really going to have to pack it in because I’m already frankly buried in shirts.

The thing is that I’m fascinated by how I look now in different styles and colours. I don’t consider myself vain (maybe I am?) but I’m trying to take a real pride in my appearance at all times these days – and I also love the challenge of trying to find quality items at rock bottom prices.


There are some things however – like these trainers that will never see the inside of my wardrobe. Frankly I’m not surprised that they ended up in a charity shop – but I am surprised that someone actually purchased them in the first place.

Although I’m certain they match someone’s taste mine is much more conservative…

I’m pretty chuffed with my day’s haul mind you – in particular this item.


I found this practically brand new Ralph Lauren casual shirt for the ridiculous sum of one frikkin pound!

It’s hard not to feel that the world is on your side when sitting right next to it on the £1 bargain rail is another mint condition M&S striped black (luxury range) shirt in just the style I’d been looking for (I’ve been on the hunt for one for four weeks) that also fitted perfectly.

I’ve also moved into a new area of shopping today thanks to two rather swanky shirts – and bought something that I haven’t owned in quite some time.

Cufflinks!!! Aren’t they cute?!


In the bizarre economics of charity shopping these (at £3 a pair) actually cost more than the shirts they would be paired with… I don’t mind however. they’re going to look super swanky with my shirts and colour co-ordinated £2 M&S silk ties.

At this point there was only one way to celebrate as the rain drizzled down outside…

A steaming Americano.


So – keep plugging away internet. You may think you’re going no-where from time to time but if you keep the faith – even if progress is slow – you’ll still edge ever closer to where you want to be.

Happy Saturday all!


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