Feeling loved

I don’t normally write two posts in one day – but today has not been a normal day. I was so shell shocked earlier on that I simply couldn’t wrap my mind around what had happened.

In most respects I still can’t.

I’m suddenly a target member and with that comes a range of emotions and new challenges. When I stepped off the scales and sat back down in my chair at group today I just started sobbing and periodically I’ve continued – but every single tear has been one of joy and relief.

As if the achievement wasn’t enough today there was more in store.

As is often the case on Saturday I’d agreed to meet a friend for a twalking date. Normally we go to Coombe Abbey or somewhere else, and she rarely suggests the park. She is after all an off piste kind of girl. However, in this case she was (with retrospect suspiciously) keen to go for a stroll at Memorial Park in Coventry.

I really don’t mind. I love the place, I love the company, I love walking. One venue is as good as another if you have someone to chat with. As we drove there her phone was unusually busy. ‘Would you like to answer that?’ I said as I drove from her house to the park.

‘No – it’s OK, I don’t recognise the number.’ she replied, and I carried on chatting while her phone beeped away with texts and calls.

Soon we arrived and as I stepped out of the car she grinned and pointed behind me. It was ANOTHER twalking friend!

But… Wait… They don’t know each other…

‘How did this happen?’ I thought – but didn’t delve too deeply.

I was too happy just to see them both and they also seemed happy to see me. That was more than enough. We hugged and laughed and all walked arm in arm chatting for a while until we neared the cafe.

Then from behind me I heard ‘Happy Birthday to you!‘ being sung in unison…

I turned around and lo and behold there were more twalking buddies!

She’d only conspired to contact as many people as she could find that I regularly walked with (including all of my favourite doggies) and got them together to wish me all the best for my birthday!


So today I’m a rich man in every respect that matters in life. I’m a target member. I’ve lost 20st. I have my health, I have a life to live and I above all else I love others unconditionally and I feel loved in return.

I don’t think I’ve ever felt quite this happy.

I belong in the world and I feel that people need me in it with them. I’ve gone from waiting to die to feeling needed and a part of everyone’s lives in a way that I never previously imagined would be possible.

Thanks again to all who made today possible. You’re absolutely the best people.

To those that couldn’t make it – I’ll catch up with you soon enough!

Hugs to everyone x



17 thoughts on “Feeling loved

  1. I am very happy. It is a big achievement. I am a regular reader of your posts. Because of you, I have achieved something also. I have bought a bike and have done over 3360 km., from February 2017 to now. I have improved my health ( I am 64 years old) and things are getting better and better. I am really excited when I can read your posts every day. Thanks for the inspiration!. You are my hero. I relish your humorous comments and jokes.
    CONGRATULATIONS! Happy birthday!

    Genia (Ferrari) from Poland.

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  2. Fantastic result! Your subconscious obviously has been plotting to deliver this double-delight. You hit the bulls-eye within hours of your birthday! A priceless memory for years to come. We read in the papers of individuals achieving 10 or even 15 stone reduction. A rare few write a book, published in instalments. But none of them has been writing well almost daily, under the gaze of hundreds of followers. With all the literal pains and emotional struggles honestly exposed. So your achievement is far better. It is an undeniable matter of public record. A long, heartfelt hug of congratulation! What an achievement!


  3. Happy birthday 🎂sorry I am a day late . Sending you very best wishes and huge congratulations again on your fantastic achievement . It’s cos of you that I have nearly got my stone award st SW ..I usually pack in after a few weeks . I love your blog ❤️❤️ Xxxxx

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  4. Getting to goal and on your birthday too! What an amazing way to enter the next phase of your life. Big, huge, mahoosive congratulations on both – and once again, thanks for sharing your joy with your readers. I for one, have found your journey totally inspirational, and I’m looking forward to hearing where life takes you from here.

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