What else happened this week?


It’s been a cathartic week in blogland for me. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so driven to tell people how I arrived at where I currently am in life.

Mentally it’s been a little exhausting though and truthfully at times a little upsetting.

Although much of it has been shared before I’ve never attempted previously to condense so much into such a relatively small space. I’ve written 550+ posts in the two years that I’ve been blogging and fitting everything that’s been important into 5 (admittedly lengthy) posts has been a real challenge.

In many respects I feel I didn’t do some of it justice.

Some things have been left out to save space – but for the most part I’m happy with what parts one to five represent.

I genuinely hope that people enjoy reading them – but more than anything else I hope that they help.

Although I’ve had a week where I’ve written more than ever before I still have an itch to scratch.

Gradually more and more people have been prodding me since yesterday afternoon across the internet and social media asking how I got on with my weigh in on Saturday.

It seems I’ve created a weekly need in some quarters to read exactly how much I weigh!

You’ll be glad to know (and thanks for asking) that things went well and I managed to lose the gain from last week.

I’m now back down to my lowest weight and still firmly in target range.

My first month of maintenance is done. Only eleven to go for my diamond target membership!!!

Whilst I’ve been writing my episodic blog I’ve also been out and about. A lot of my time has been spent in coffee shops writing – but where I can I’ve been doing a lot of walking too.

It’s not always been easy because the weather has been awful this week.

On Wednesday I walked the whole Stratford Greenway and back – and for the first half it was pretty grim.

Honestly though sometimes walking in the rain is nice – and when you’re twalking with good company it’s rarely better.

Myself and my companion chatted about a lot – and even though I ended up with a 12 mile blister the day was really satisfying!

I’ve also been eating very well – and even experimenting a little bit with new things – mostly because they’ve been reduced when I’ve walked into the supermarket.)

These two pictures represented a really nice meal.

I’ve been trying mixing up vegetarian and pescatarian food this week (I find I lose weight quite quickly without red meat) and I picked up some fresh sprouting lentils to pop in a Quorn stir fry.

It turned into an absolutely delicious meal and simply has a stock cube and some soy sauce in it with crushed garlic for a little flavour.

You also can’t go wrong with weetabix and some banana and blueberries if you’re feeling a bit hungry.

I find that spending a few syns on Weetabix (I’m supposed to have more healthy extras to maintain anyway) and a large helping of unsweetened almond milk is a great way to fill up at the same time as staying on plan.

Finally this one is something of a cautionary tale mixed in with a recommendation.

I knew what I was eating before it passed my lips (you don’t lose the weight I have without checking things before you put them in your mouth) but if I hadn’t looked at the app when I picked it up in the shop it could have been a bit of a shock afterwards.

This healthy and extremely tasty pouch was mixed in the picture with some speedy cauliflower and broccoli rice (which I stir fried beforehand with a chicken stock pot) and frankly it was delicious.

However according to the app this innocent looking portion (300g) sets you back 13 syns.

Now – don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying ‘don’t buy this’.

I’m actually saying the opposite – because I think you should purchase food like this.

It’s good for you and it’s infinitely better than wasting 13 syns on chocolate. The whole meal really filled me up and tasted wonderful. I strongly recommend you try it!

Finally on Friday (mostly in order to take my mind off food before my weigh in) I decided to go to the cinema.

I went to see ‘Ready Player One’ and it was absolutely flipping awesome!!!

This was just as well because I got an absolute soaking on the way there. The rain was practically arriving in literal buckets and left me looking like I’d wet myself twice (opening up some potentially interesting gynaecological questions about how this might have happened) when I arrived.

For an hour I just sat cold and wet in the cinema foyer waiting for everything to dry out.

The film was worth the wait though.

I hadn’t realised how long it had been since I’d seen a ‘proper’ Speilberg flick – and just how much wonder and joy they can evoke.

This is truly a movie that not only can stand alongside the likes of ET and Back to the Future – but actually surpasses them in many many ways.

Visually it’s stunning. Without a doubt you’ll be blown away by what he’s managed to bring to the screen. The special effects are incredible.

It must have been a licensing nightmare to make though because there are so many pop culture references layered throughout the film that I felt I’d need to watch it many times over in order to spot them all – and even then I’d probably still be picking up something new.

So there we have it internet – although it’s a little late that’s been a flavour of my week outside of my episodic blogs.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the slight change of pace as much as I’ve enjoyed writing them because it’s been a genuine pleasure.

On top of that the feedback on social media and in person has been heartfelt and humbling when it’s been given so I’d like to say a collective thanks to everyone that’s given me feedback.

You rock internet. Thanks for reading.


13 thoughts on “What else happened this week?

  1. I have loved reading your last five blogs ❤️❤️…… brilliant. Thank you for sharing so much. I have taken so many positives from your journey and I will continue to do so . Well done on your loss this week …xxxxx

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  2. I can’t wait to see Ready Player One. The book is in my top 5. I am not good at going to the cinema, far too many noisy people and I get a bit antsy. But this is the first film for a long time that might break that. Read the book it’s amazing.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I agree that although you’ve had to leave little bits out of the last few blogs to save space there’s no need to worry – I’m sure you’ll go into more detail when you get your book deal 😉


  4. Glad to read you had an awesome week. I am sure that having go relive some parts whilst writing about them, must have been really tough. And yet, you got through it and even managed to lose weight in that week. Well done Davey!

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  5. I’ve just caught up with the Part 1 to Part 5 episodic blogs with your potted history which has been hugely enlightening.

    On clicking on this blog about “what else happened this week” the random Google ads WordPress is kindly displaying to me is:

    “Make up tips for old ladies”

    Beeping heck …….. every damn inch of the internet knows that I’m over 50 !!!!

    Not sure what ads you see Dave when you look at your own blog (externally not whilst logged in) …….. but I don’t expect “Make up tips for old ladies” is one that appears on your screen !!!! 😂😁😆


    • Hahaha – no it’s not 😂

      Honestly I’ve not had them switched on for that long – and the hope was that they’d eventually pay for the yearly WordPress subscription.

      Initially I had the free version but when that started serving spammy adverts that were forcing people to click on ‘you’ve won an iPhone 7!’ links I started paying for the service.

      Then the issue became about storage – since I have a lot of photos the space quickly got used up and I had to upgrade yet again.

      According to my traffic profiles I get a lot of readers (maybe like yourself) that start at the beginning and then read all the way through to the end – so I can’t delete the old pics because a lot of them (particularly with weight loss) are contextually relevant.

      I’m not sure quite what to do with the ads – particularly since last month they churned out a whopping 58 cents – which is totally useless since it doesn’t pay out till $100. I think I’ll probably have bored everyone waaaay before I see any money 💰 😂

      I’ll see how it goes. I hope you’re still reading either way – despite the make up tips 🤗


  6. Hate to say it but the “Blogger / BlogSpot” product offered by Google is completely 100% free (no matter how many photos you have). I don’t currently have a blog but have did used to keep quite a few blogs in the past (different subjects) and I pretty much always ran them from a gmail address / and then used the same Google account to log into Blogger. Twice I paid for a domain name website and ended up deleting it within a year.

    I’m not currently blogging but I could never quite understand why so many “other” bloggers preferred WordPress ….. and I did not realise until your comments above that you might have to pay for WordPress (or you do if you want to keep all your data and photos etc).

    Anyhoo …… there is another blog entry of yours I do want to leave a comment on ……. let’s see if nasty evil work interrupts me before I get around to doing so ……. or if it takes me 8++ hours to get online again.

    Shaz W.

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    • Interesting… I didn’t know that about Google 🤔

      I’ll have to go and have a look.

      I only started using WordPress because it seemed (at the time) to be a quick and easy starting point, but there are many irritating ‘quirks’ of the eco system that really get on my nerves – particularly the mobile app which is still incapable of creating a gallery and only lets you place individual images. You have to flip flop in and out of a mobile browser where the menu bar (for some god forsaken reason) doesn’t remain static during scrolling to accomplish this.

      I could go on and on 😂


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