Zip, Zilch, Nada, Nowt.

The weather forecast isn’t good today – and I’ve been up since well before 6am trying to get a head start on my exercise goals.

It really doesn’t look like I’ll get much of a chance to do more later on…

I’ve now got just under six miles under my belt though – which is good, because (from where I’m sitting now at around 8.30am) just making my way home with a couple of small detours will result in most of my usual ten miles being completed well ahead of my usual daily time.

As I type the first tentative spots of rain are beginning to appear – but for the moment the park is dry.

I feel really good today – and that’s always enhanced by making a positive start when you get up.

Yesterday’s result was a weight off my mind – and although I ended up with a ‘relaxed’ conclusion to an otherwise on plan dietary day I feel comfy in my trousers and my clothes are nice and loose around my waist.

I like that feeling a lot.

For many many years all I felt was the constant sting of a belt or straining waistband cutting into me and now I really appreciate wearing clothes that fit – and don’t necessarily need anything hold them up.

It’s still an unusual sensation to walk out of the house without a belt – which in the past I wore not just to hold my trousers up – but also in case I burst through a waistband button or tore a zip.

It happened a lot – but it doesn’t happen any more.

Aside from my feelings of personal comfort It’s also been a serendipitous start to the day because at 6am when I was putting a bag of rubbish in my wheely bin I spotted an elderly neighbour walking her dog that I’ve not seen for quite a few months.

I must admit I’d been worried about where she’d gotten to, as I used to bump into her when I was walking all the time and recently she’s been completely absent in my local area.

Thankfully she seems to be doing great, is fit and healthy and was in very good spirits!

As I stood outside my house in my socks talking to her and patting the head of her insanely friendly dog she said that she’d recently been trying out some Tai Chi at the local community centre.

‘I can’t get on with it.’ She stated emphatically, shaking her head and laughing with a glint in her eye.

‘It’s all this, and this…’ she said, slowly waving her arms about in the air above her head with a rather peaceful motion.

‘I need some more… y’know… ooomph!!!

She pumped her fists by her head as if she was raving on a dance floor and looked determined.

I smiled.

‘I know what you mean!’ I replied.

‘I’m not sure Tai Chi would do it for me either!!!’

We said our goodbyes and she moved slowly on, leaning occasionally on her walking stick as she made her way back to her house and talking to her furry companion.

The main thing is that she’s ok and in a good place. That’s great news and it’s a bit of a weight off my mind.

(The rain begins in earnest and I’m forced to move on from my park bench)

It’s now later in the day and outside the window of my house cars are driving past. As they go by I can hear the sound of the rain mixing with the splashing of puddles under their tyres.

All I can smell is baked potatoes.

There are a couple of medium sized ones in the oven and I’m about to make myself a salad to go with them. I’ve managed to get just about nine miles under my belt – but not without getting a darned good soaking in the process.

As I walked back from town the heavens opened and for a while I just stood under a tree eating a small punnet of plums that I’d purchased from Tesco.

I find it amazing how your mood dictates how you see the world.

Maybe a week ago the grey skies and rain would have inspired me to do little else but climb into bed, pull the duvet over my head and try to forget that the world ever existed.

Today, with a better perspective it just looks… Alive.

The whole world is becoming green again, and with the disappearance of the seemingly endless heatwave that turned everything into a straw coloured husk the UK feels… well… a bit like the cold, damp place that we all know and love.

Anyway – I need to have some lunch. Once I’ve done that I’ll decide what comes next for the rest of the bank holiday.

At the moment I have absolutely zilch to do.




Mind you, the way I feel now (warm and tired from my exercise) that’s actually not a bad thing at all. 

I’m just going to relaaaaax…


7 thoughts on “Zip, Zilch, Nada, Nowt.

  1. I’m sat in the sun reading your blog,(morroco) relating to all the past holidays where I’ve had to cover up my huge mass,now a size 10 my whole thoughts, feelings and emotions have changed, your such an inspiration 💋

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