Consultants with puppies

Last night the munchies hit.

I was busy watching season five of Marvel’s Agents or Shield (it’s really good so far!) and I just wanted to EAT.

Normally I’d be able to resist this (especially as it’s the night before weigh in) but on this occasion I couldn’t. I needed to nibble and the urge wouldn’t go away – no matter how much liquid I drank.

Honestly I’ve stopped seeing moments like this as unusual. There are days when I’m tired, bored or just generally sub par for some reason and there’s nothing that will fill the gap.

I can defer the feeling, distract myself, bargain with my craving but sometimes it just will not go away.

However I’ve learned that there’s a way to limit the damage when I do decide to act on the impulse.

I don’t necessarily view this approach as restrained but I’m aware that others do – because what I choose to binge on these days is different to the huge Dominos pizzas I used to consume a few years ago.

Last night while sitting in from to the TV I went for it.

I chewed my way through two kilograms of carrots, 6 tomatoes, two jars of gherkins, a jar of silverskin pickled onions, a bunch of celery, two entire romaine lettuces and two bowls of blueberries.

In some respects this was daft because although it’s all speed food the sheer weight of all of this eaten quite late at night meant that I probably would be out of target the following morning.

I was in target two days ago and from experience as great as carrots are to snack on you won’t pass two kilos in time to stand on scales the following day.

Sure enough my scales this morning suggested I was out of range and the (ahem) bomb bay doors were refusing to open.

However – since I only have to weigh in once every eight weeks this actually doesn’t matter. What matters is I’m focused on being in target – even if carrotpocalypse arrived yesterday evening.

Not so long ago I’d have stressed and worried in the morning about not going to group and not weighing in (particularly because I’ve created an expectation in my blog that I will do so) but not any more. Today I went anyway and just sat and listened.

After all why shouldn’t I? I’ve been on plan and in range for the whole of October (#onplanoctober WORKS!) and I’ve been a really good boy!

It’s important to attend group regularly – and I always feel better for having done so. I know I’m not alone in this – as I said to another group member at the end of the session.

She looked like she needed a hug and she darned well got a good one.

Although I didn’t feel low today others may have – and there’s nothing but positive vibes to be found at Slimming World. I never fail to leave one of Angie’s groups feeling anything less than positive – no matter how I felt when I walked in.

Today though there wasn’t just Angie to thank for this. She rolled out her secret weapon this morning.

A cockerpoo puppy called Kiki! ๐Ÿ˜

As regular readers will know I have a serious weakness for canines and the teeny tiny variety are the absolute best!

Kiki is so super cute and soft! She’s still got ultra small little milk teeth and claws and she is nibbling and pawing everything in sight, trying to figure out what it all is and how it tastes.

It was next to impossible to concentrate on Angie – but I’m sure she didn’t mind. There were plenty of smiling faces by the end – and even a hug or two.

So – the moral of the story is….

Well there are a couple actually internet.

  • Don’t get down on yourself if the scales don’t say what you want – it’s just not worth it and it’s just what they say that day. Tomorrow will be different if you put it behind you and carry on.
  • If you can make sure you go to group. It cheers you up and there’s always a friendly face!
  • Consultants with puppies are the best consultants.


6 thoughts on “Consultants with puppies

  1. I shall tell my consultant she needs to get a puppy immediately, and write to head office demanding it’s a requirement for all groups henceforth. In the meantime please feel free to dognap the gorgeous Kiki and send her on. You have my address!

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