Well – I weighed in.

Thankfully a few weeks of austerity and positive food choices have resulted in positive outcomes.

Being back in tatget was by no means a certainty – and before I could contemplate standing on the scales at group yesterday morning I had to swim a kilometre and a quarter, walk several miles, enthusiastically visit the loo (waiting a while for all of the carriages of the train to arrive in the station) and then make sure I was wearing my absolute lightest featherweight outfit.

It all worked out ok though. I weighed in at exactly 14st and I’m back in target.

Oddly however I didn’t take a photo of my weigh in book to mark the triumph – which is unlike me.

I’ve done this every week I’ve been to group without fail – however the yesterday I didn’t stay, and therefore my routine was disrupted.

To be clear – I’m a staunch advocate of staying to image therapy, and when I weigh in I pretty much always remain for the talk as well as the company.

Both keep me on an even keel, leave me in the right mindset and remind me that I’m not alone if I feel like I’m struggling.

So – I’ve officially lost 5lbs but unofficially actually lost 1st 2lbs to get back into range.

Now all I have to do is maintain my good behaviour. This is going to be a completely new challenge because next week I start a new job.

Yep – I’m finally leaving the ranks of the great unwashed and rejoining the workforce.

This one is once again local – a big thing for me because I can walk to work instead of drive – and means I can still get my exercise in at the start or end of the day.

I will also be able to continue with my swimming too! Yay!

Hopefully the job I’ve chosen will also keep me mentally busy and I’ll be learning about something new in the process – which is my overall objective.


Maybe not completely – because this a temporary contract (initially at least) and will enable me to figure out what comes next in my journey.

I know what I want and I know who I want that with – but so far I’m not sure how that will pan out and where it will take shape.

In the meantime I’m just going with the flow and enjoying life – because I currently have everything I need in it.

After a long drive yesterday that was as simple as a little pitch on a camp site.

Here I sat happily with my partner in crime as we listened to the surrounding chatter and watched the dying embers of a log fire whilst the sun disappeared from view.

I’ll think about real life when I return to it.

In the meantime I’m just going to enjoy it.


9 thoughts on “Sorted.

  1. Well done Dave, you did it! With determination and the right mindset anything is possible. I will focus on your success as I try to turn things around for myself. I’m so pleased you have got a new job. Fingers crossed it turns out to be one you enjoy. You picked a perfect weekend to go away. It is glorious. I hope you enjoy every moment.
    PS Have you heard of the free Slimit app which you can use to track A & B choices and syns? I used that for a while and found it helpful so think I will go back to using it.

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  2. Yeay! I am so happy for you! 😀 Double congrats on the weight-loss and the new job! Also, you guys picked the perfect weekend to go camping. The weather is stunning. Have tons of fun! You have clearly deserved it :D.

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  3. I for one am so pleased for you. (as I’m sure everyone from Angies SW family is ) you deserve to be happy and live life to the full now. The changes you have made to your life, your mindset etc are having such a positive effect on you. I didn’t get to meet you till you’d got to target, however I’ve seen some major transformations in that time. I don’t say much to you but you’ve inspired so many people. You should be very proud of yourself. Good luck with the new job, Nikki

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