Struggling member

Well the results are in and according to the scales and the numbers in my book I’m now officially a struggling member at Slimming World!

(Cue dramatic grumpy face with suitably downbeat photo filter)

Regardless of all the exercise I’ve done over the last 7 days (it’s a lot) the truth is that this week I haven’t been as disciplined as I could have been (as well as having no small amount of bloating going on today) and this means I’ve had a second gain.

This hasn’t happened for a long long while…

For the first time in ages tonight I’ve had to pay in a meeting – which stings not because I begrudge Angie the money (she’s definitely worth it) but because I feel like I should have done better than I have with restraint in general and I’m annoyed with myself.

However – I’m planning to go to meetings regardless of whether the news is going to be bad or good and therefore just sitting here in the first place is a win.

I’ve also found an Avengers mug, filled it with tea and I’m doing my best to think positive thoughts.

So – why did it happen?

Well – last night, during a traffic jam, feeling glum that I was driving in the opposite direction to the one I wanted to (away from my significant other and facing a long stretch without her) I managed to eat 500g of carrots, six apples and a large punnet of plums.

When I got home (feeling very tired and more than a bit moody despite knowing that I was weighing in the following day) I ended up massacring two packets of ryvita and no less than 16 triangles of light spreadable cheese.

So – a probable maintain when I went into the weekend quickly turned into a completely inevitable gain.

Instead of sitting in a group feeling pleased with myself and my restraint I’m sitting here with a clenched jaw thinking about what I’ll have to do over the next week to make a difference.


Oh well – I’m human and there’s no point making a mountain out of a molehill.

I’ve just got to trust that everything will be better over the coming week and that I’ve got more than enough experience of the plan to pull things around.

The next week is going to be about good food choices, variety and positivity.

I’m going to cook nice food, try to steer clear of triggers and face up to what I’m eating – because mood dips are no excuse for stuffing my face!

If I want it enough then I’ll do it.

My next weigh in will once again be on Monday next week (Saturday is becoming irritatingly impossible thanks to work and other commitments) so I’m going to need to be focused.

Think positive thoughts internet because I’m going to have to!


14 thoughts on “Struggling member

  1. You will be fine Dave
    There is so much going on for you at present
    No wonder old habits have crept in
    From someone who has just started her journey again
    Keep chipping away at it ( and throw away the ryvita !!!)🤣

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  2. I’m sure you will lose it all again soon Dave, it’s just a temporary setback. The ryvita and fruit sound ok, must have been those disgusting cheese triangles.

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  3. Fruit and carrots are deceptive. Technically healthy but also dangerous in large quantities because of the sugar. Take this one on the chin… so you’re human, and we all have off-days. Then dust yourself off and climb back on that horse! Good luck with the coming week.

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  4. you know what you have to do, you have done it in the past and you will do it again, dont beat yourself up too much, just look at what you have already achieved, positive vibes and hugs sent over the web to you matey 🙂

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  5. Dave, you continue to inspire, and for me are one of the most authentic ambassadors of SW and food optimising. So get back on it, you know the drill. And as beneficial as all the exercise you do is for your well being and fitness, you know better than most that it 95% about what goes in your mouth! Looking forward to a positive result on the scales next week Dave. I know I’m rootin’ for ya!

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  6. I’m facing another gain too. I had a night of madness after my meltdown and although I was perfect before and have been since, my home scales tell me I’m NOT going to get away with it.

    So my plan is much the same as yours. Let’s go smash this week and pay our wonderful consultants as little as possible 😂


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