Thirteen and a half stone later…


I’ve rather enjoyed this week – and as well as my walk to Balsall Common and trip to Oxford on I treated myself to a first showing of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 at 12.01am yesterday.


In retrospect, this ridiculously late showing (I got home at 3am) was probably a teensy bit past my bedtime – however despite feeling like death for the rest of Friday and zonking out at 7pm in the evening it was sooooo worth it!!!

If you haven’t yet seen it then I highly recommend it – but make sure you watch the first part beforehand (if you haven’t already). Both are riotously funny – but a lot of the jokes in the second one will mean just that little bit more if you know the characters from their last outing.

By the time I reached the showing I was also struggling to lift my arms – or sit up straight, as for an hour or so earlier on Thursday evening I’d been on the floor of my living room trying to do sit-ups and push ups.

Being absolutely and completely honest I can currently do neither – and a full sit-up or press-up is a long way away.

  • I can do 20 odd abdominal crunches with my feet tucked under the sofa and also 20 leg scissors. I can do about three reps of these at the currently.
  • I can also do 20 or so half press-ups (with knees on the floor) or one half of a full one. Of these I can do about two and a half reps.

This exercise however pretty much ended me and my arms were so screwed I decided to just drag a cushion onto the floor where I was beached and talk to Alexa lying in the dark while I recovered.

I found that “Alexa – make me laugh’ (when repeated over and over to my Alexa dot) results in an endless stream of crappy Christmas cracker jokes that left me tittering like a child on the carpet for the best part of 45 minutes – and for a while I was pretty content.

However I had to push it too far. When I realised that my free trial of Amazon Prime also gave me access to some ‘prime music’ I requested she play some tunes. Alexa (clearly recognising the need for an incentive to get me off my back) immediately started playing the Steps Greatest Hits album…

Thankfully this cruel and unusual punishment eventually propelled me upwards and off the carpet, clutching my aching tummy muscles.

Regardless of my current upper body ability though I’m not bothered in the least. Everyone has to start somewhere.

I’ve decided today however to get some adjustable weights tomorrow to work on my arms a bit without my full weight as I’m unbelievably crampy today and I think jumping in trying to do loads of press ups may be a bit silly. Instead I need to start small and build it up like I did with my walking. There’s no rush as long as it’s all going in the right direction.

Talking of moving in the right direction…

I’m gonna come right out and say this. I didn’t expect to lose any weight this week.

I’m sure people will roll their eyes and say ‘you always say that’ – but I genuinely didn’t. I’ve been very careful over the last few days because I definitely went waaaay over my syns last weekend, and I’ve walked maybe a bit less this week compared to the week before.

However – something unusual must have happened (maybe I’ve been abducted by skinny fat harvesting aliens without my knowledge) because the scales reported a 7lb weight loss when I stepped on them today.

VERY unexpectedly (particularly after two back to back weeks with negative progress prior to last Saturday) this means I’ve somehow removed almost a stone in the last two weeks and now have my thirteen and a half stone certificate!!!

IMG_2151I honestly couldn’t be happier with this – although I have to be realistic. This is a lot and I don’t know quite why it’s been so much after effectively standing still for a while.

Granted I must have been good – but even so it seems excessive. However – I’m also pretty certain that this isn’t going to carry on week after week and while Im still going to try really hard in the coming week (as I do every week) I’m still going to be happy with a much smaller loss or a maintain next week.

It’s a fun little exercise though to look at my progress occasionally in the form of a graph on the Slimming World site.

weight progress

Although I’m not 100% sure where I will end up or eventually feel comfortable I’ve set my target to 15st. This is now a mind boggling six stone away. When I get there (and I will) I’ll have lost almost 20st.

I don’t want to set myself any time specific goals on this (and I would prefer other people who know me didn’t either). I just want to get there. 

Anyway internet. I have a really healthy beef stew that is just BEGGING to be eaten, and I plan to indulge its enthusiastic pleading RIGHT NOW!!!

Hope you’re all enjoying your bank holiday weekend (if you’re in the UK!)


12 thoughts on “Thirteen and a half stone later…

  1. Wow! Good work!!

    Do you live near London? We have some adjustable weights and we’re about to move to Canada. You can have them if you like (so you don’t have to buy some…) I’ll put them on freecycle or e-bay if you don’t want them.

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