Plumping up the pillows for birds

I had a lot planned for the day when I started writing this post – and it started really well despite some very disturbed sleep.

I got up, did my shopping as usual and then planned to do the year’s first mow of the front and back lawns. To be honest they both really needed it – and since the last time I looked out of the back curtains things had started growing flipping everywhere.

Now – to be honest I don’t have a need to have a perfectly manicured lawn or perfectly trimmed borders. All I want is a pleasant and well maintained space that’s easy to look after rather than a continuing eye sore that becomes an epic task.

The back took a little longer than expected – but thankfully it was a way better starting point than I began with after years of neglect (due to my weight problems) in the spring of 2017.


This took literally weeks of hard graft to sort out and many many trips to the tip.

The major downside now though is that I’ve pretty much removed from my borders any potential hiding places for bird life – so the chances of another naturally occurring blackbird nest are pretty slim.

Honestly though the garden is still full of little visitors (including frogs – which narrowly avoided the mower today – yay!) so there must be something I can do…

(Still ruminating on this the author visits Slimming World)

It was quite a busy meeting today – and one of the long standing members finally reached her target weight so there were smiles all around. She seemed a little emotional but also really happy too which was lovely to see.

All the time she’s been losing weight she’s had two jars with 50 marbles – each of which represented a pound that she either needed to lose or had already lost. Every time she lost another one she moved a bauble across to the other receptacle.

Today she went home and moved the last two marbles into the nearly full jar and put her target member certificate next to it.

It just proves that whatever plan you’re on (whether it’s Slimming World or otherwise) the power of coming to a group is apparent. In this lady’s case she was also losing weight with her partner – so they had both spurred each other on.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. We’re better in groups – and a little friendly rivalry between two people never hurts either.

Visualising things is really good too – and it reminded me of the tricks I used to use in my own journey to spur myself on.

She may be interested to know that she’s almost lost an entire bag of cement!

Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 16.57.02

Either way it was wonderful to see her so happy!

For my part I wanted to be on the lower end of my target this week because next week (once again) I won’t be weighing in.

I have a special friend coming to visit me next week and we plan to be intrepid and super outdoorsy – so the next time I step on the scales will be two weeks from now and I’m going to have to be super good in the meantime.

Thankfully I’ve been on point this week – and I had a nice loss. This took me to my lowest recorded Slimming World weight!


The plan after this was to mow the front lawn and then head off into town to do interesting things – but then it started raining – and on top of that honestly today I feel like poop.

For the second week in a row (last week I had what I think was a stomach bug and took two days off work) I’ve felt really sub par. I’ve currently got a head full of snot and it’s the main reason that last night I didn’t get the rest I needed – so today I resolved to use the car (grrrrr) to go and get what I wanted.

This (surprisingly) didn’t involve a charity shop.


Since I don’d have a space in the bushes any more for the birds I thought that I’d try and promote a bit of wildlife with a bird box, roosting pouch and a feeder. Hopefully they’ll attract some visitors in the coming weeks, and maybe even get used!!!

If the birds have any taste they will. I think that my ‘beach house bird box’ looks the schnizzle! Only time will tell internet!

Anyway. I’m going to go away and die quietly, drowning in my own snot. It’s been nice knowing you all.

Goodbye cruel world!


4 thoughts on “Plumping up the pillows for birds

  1. Oh no! I hope you’re back feeling tip top soon, and not just because it’ll be easier to twalk if you aren’t full of cold!

    Any birdy visitors to your garden are in for a treat, that’s five star accommodation that is 👍

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